The Mexican Translation

I spent all of yesterday hanging out with my mom. We tried to go see the El Greco to Picasso exhibit at DAM but it was all sold out till Wednesday. I may try to go see it on Friday. So instead we went to go see Lost In Translation. I fucking loved this movie. I’m not sure how but it got into me. I drank it up. It was done so well. Scarlett Johansson was heart-wrenchingly real and Bill Murray hasn’t done anything this good since Groundhog Day (though Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums were both good). The music (Air, Squarepusher) fit the movie amazingly. The whole storyline was so sincere and earnest. There were times I sat in my seat and begged for the movie to end because I didn’t want what I had already seen to get ruined by a crappy ending. But I wasn’t disappointed. Anyway, I rarely get excited about movies but this one did a number on me, with style.

Afterward we went to go get some dinner. I voted for Tommy’s but it was closed so we went to a new place called Mezcal. It has only been open for about twelve days now but they have things running pretty smoothly. The food is nuevo mexicana (I just made that up, I’m not sure what it means) but is not too upscale with most plates being under $10.00. The atmosphere was pretty cool too. Despite having over 100 different types of tequilas, they only served Mexican beer and none of it was on tap, which could be a drawback for me. It’s nice to have an alternative meeting place before heading over to the Bluebird though.


I started out my Xmas holiday on Tuesday night with a trip to the local haunt. It was both satisfying and disappointing as usual. Do you feel like you are getting to know me yet?

Wednesday I took the day off work. I slept in and listened to the bells ring in from the church next door. I wrapped presents and took care of a few errands and then headed over to my dads to spend christmas eve (day). They had a bunch of friends over, most of whom I didn’t know that well. My soon to be stepsister was there with her husband. I kind of knew her cause I went to high school with her. Also and old friend from New York showed up. I ate tons of cocktail shrimp and had a generally mellow evening and watched my brother and Pandy get drunk and try to hide it. My brother was the only one brave enough to try to rock the boat a little by talking politics and blaming all the problems in the middle east on the old people in the room selling weapons to Iraq in the early eighties. Everyone was so new to each other that things were exceptionally civil for a family holiday.

On Christmas morning we exchanged gifts with my father and had breakfast. The exchanging of gifts remains to this day the most enjoyable holiday traditions in my opinion. Tragically, a large apartment complex a block from my dads new house burnt down while we played poker. I won a dollar. Then we went over to my mom’s for Christmas dinner and to exchange gifts. I spent the day playing records on my new player my mom gave me. I decided to stay the night at my mom’s and drink lots of beer and smoke lots of cigarettes and bask in the warm glow provided the twinkly tree light nostalgia of Christmas spent in my childhood home. My mom and me stayed up till 3 in the morning talking about friends and mistakes and love and lessons and life.

It was a wonderful Christmas. Somehow I’m always surprised and thrilled by the great family I have.

This Is What I Think About You

Comments I’ve left on others people’s blogs today:

happy holidays to you to jezebel.
oarah, that sounded like something from a fortune cookie.

were both lucky that it’s sometimes easier for others to fall in love with our face than it actually is for ourselves.

well if you worked behind a cash register all your life, having kids may be the only thing you got going for you. sometimes it’s hard to take off your own shoes.

you could tell your mom you have an appointment with the girly-doctor. that would be only half lying.
when you need pills, you need pills, and you have to ask someone. but distancing yourself from your current crowd is something that will need to be done at some point if you plan on quitting.

the more common order is wedding, hotel, baby. but i suppose you’d just tell me you’re not common.

ok lux, got it posted on my sight in the annex. enjoy. consider my payment re-introducing me to this wonderful song.

your right chevy the 1st three lines are great. then it all goes to dookie.

i assumed he “went for it”. i didn’t assume it was true. i’ll finish a story in my head but i don’t believe everything i read.

i was wondering the same thing myself scott. chevy where are you?

“having had intercourse style sex” made me laugh.
also nick & jessica were given a hummer to drive around in that day by some studio or something so it wasn’t just a flat-out proposition, there was some innuendo.

Holiday Lights

A while back SE was in town. We took a little architectural rehab tour of the Lodo area. While walking around, we tried to see if the Denver Gas & Electric (which is now a datacenter) building was lit up. Everyone was disappointed that it wasn’t. Well now for the holidays it’s been lit up again (Denver has lots of great christmas lights). So this one is for you SE…
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There’s Nothing To See Here, Move Right Along

It seems like all I’ve been doing lately is working and waiting. I’m not sure if I’m not leaving myself much time for anything else or if maybe I just don’t care for it. Maybe that’s just the way I’ve subconsciously decided to take care of my business. I haven’t been bored lately, in fact, I currently have too many demands. Well, I take that back, just enough demands. And the people making the demands are being awfully conscious of them and giving me plenty of room. Now if they could just give me more time. Heavy work deadlines are looming as the end of the year draws closer. Family is making the typical holiday demands. And friends are making callings to my social-self. I haven’t been proactive on many fronts. But then again, I have taking some bigger leaps on others.
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I’m Not Sure Why This Happens

I get this thing that happens to me. And I’m not sure why. The majority of the time it happens when I skip a meal. But sometimes it’ll happen a couple of hours after eating. I seems to resemble the symptoms of low blood sugar or diabetes. I can feel it coming on. It starts out with a kind of funny feeling in my stomach that spills in to my limbs, a sort of tingly, tired feeling. After a while, say about 5-15 minutes, I start to get shaky, much like “the shakes” people get when they get real hungry, but these are a little more violent. Very soon after the shakes I’ll break out into cold sweats.
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Just When I Thought I Heard The Last Bell

I got a call yesterday from my pops. We were going to go have a look at his new house. He said he had the garage door opener and we could probably sneak through the back door to have a snoop around. I told him I’m gonna opt out till he actually has a key to the place. He laughed and said that was understandable. Then he announced he was getting married. He said he didn’t want to tell me over the phone but he couldn’t wait. I’m really excited for him. He said they are thinking of setting a date for sometime in spring. It’s been, I don’t know, four, maybe five years since the divorce. Not that it matters how long it’s been really. I’m just glad he’s happy. She’s a wonderful woman and they’ve known each other for a long time. They are both fantastic and loving people. Very deserving of each other. Congratulations pops!

A Long Weekend Wasted? Nah!

The last few days have been really relaxing. I know later on I’m gonna look back on this long, four day weekend and say to myself, “Damn, I could have spent those four days off way better than that now. I’d kill people for four days off in a row right now.” But regardless this is how I have spent them. Yesterday I slept in till around 10:00. I woke up in my brother’s bed. This was cause I stayed at my mom’s house overnight on Thanksgiving. This is cause I was too tired to drive home after eating a large meal of pasta with white sauce and shrimp, spinach soaked in melted butter and vinegar, garlic bread, and salad and then watching Waking Life. Waking Life is a real philosophical movie done with a unique animation style. This movie was originally filmed using real people and sets, then different artists animate the scenes by “drawing” over the top of them. It was really pretty interesting but the philosophy was sometimes hard to swallow. It was just me and my mom on Thanksgiving. In the next couple of weeks we’ll go down to my grandmas for a full on turkey dinner because my brother and Pandy are in Hawaii. We celebrate our holidays on our own terms.

On Friday I spent the afternoon surfing the internet on my moms computer, talking on the phone with Jami, and watching Anger Management. I didn’t do hardly anything in the evening and again went to bed early. It makes me wonder if I may have caught something that might be wearing me down. When I got up this morning I went to my local coffee shop and spent a couple of hours reading. Then I went to pick up my developed film and shop for digital cameras. I think I have set a price range and have a few ideas of what I want now. I IM’d with Cati a little bit this afternoon. I’m at work now cause I’m trying to get ahead for a big deadline I have in the next couple of weeks. Still no plans for the remainder of the weekend either. Sigh.

I want to stop telling the trivial, but I don’t want to stop the telling. This is becoming increasingly difficult.