2012: The Year In Blogging

It was a another great year for readership on Artifacting with 1,506,431 absolute unique readers coming to the blog over the year. Below is a graph of my total number of absolute unique readers throughout 2012.

Absolute Unique Visitors 2012

The spike on March 17th was caused by Buzzfeed linking to my Sloth Name Generator. The spike on April 27th was caused by Metafilter linking to my Perfect Face Post. And the spikes in June were caused by Stumbleupon finding my Alternative Default Facebook Profiles (almost two years after posting them).

The top ten most visited posts published in 2012 are:

Find The Name Of Your Inner Sloth
Miss NASA Beauty Pageant
The Perfect Face
The Women Of Denver Don’t Really Look Like This
Rain Room
Hunger Games: The Most Accurate Maps Of Panem
Names And Types Of Full Moons
Top 100 Best Children’s Books
Brooke Shields And Punk Rock

Referring sites sent a smaller percentage of the total visits to Artifacting this year. In 2012 there were 261,471 referred visitors arriving from 2,097 different sources. Below is a chart of referrals to Artifacting throughout 2011.

Unique Visitors From Referring Sites 2012

The top ten referring sites to Artifacting (with search engines removed) during 2012 were:

Yahoo Answers
Dark Roasted Blend

This is the first year since I’ve been tracking that Boing Boing didn’t make my top 10 referral list and the first year that Buzzfeed actually did make the list. I also think it’s interesting that Yahoo Answers has been in the top three referrers for the last four years.

General stats for Artifacting are as follows:

Year # Of Posts Avg. Length Of Posts Total Length Of All Posts Comments (Mine)
2012 88 2,093 184,142 273 (7)
2011 96 3,369 323,412 304 (13)
2010 172 1,900 326,775 326 (20)
2009 105 1,828 191,907 285 (19)
2008 135 956 129,117 363 (34)
2007 248 835 207,145 568 (124)
2006 221 927 204,804 536 (122)
2005 39 1,392 54,292 295 (0)
2004 117 1,673 195,757 955 (0)
2003 144 1,473 212,112 701 (0)

If you’re interested I also have the same stats for 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008.

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