It’s been an eventful week. I’ve been up to a lot but don’t really feel like writing about any of it so I’ll just type out some quick highlights. Thursday evening was spent having cocktails in the old neighborhood – it was great for that reminiscing part of my brain. Later we headed over to the Oriental Theater (nice blog, great venue) for this “420” thing that was a bit of a dud, but a decent cause.

Friday was rough but after work I rallied and met friends over at the Funky Buddha for a bit and then went home to watch movies.

Slept in Saturday and did tons of yard work (hmmm I guess that’s not a highlight). I then went off to a birthday party at Ogden Street South. It was a complete blast. Highlights include karaoke and the soon to be infamous “Nobody calls her that you fucking bitch!” episode. I’m beginning to determine that me and karaoke don’t mix well.

Sunday consisted of a 24 hour long headache (not hangover induced), another birthday celebration at the West End Tavern, and some serious couch time.

11 thoughts to “Modernization”

  1. I love the song ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’. Did you really sing it that badly?? Will you sing it for us if HDW and I ply you with drinks? LSE, we’ll ply you with drinks too, just to show equality in the ‘plying of drinks’ category. Can you tell we are soooooo ready for Saturday? Like we are wishing it was 5 minutes from now.

  2. I’d fork over some $$ to hear “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Hell, I’d even take out the lighter I don’t own and wave it back and forth. Just so you know you’d have some solidarity from the Kath/HDW table.

  3. Sorry to dissapoint, but there will be absolutely no singing of any Wings songs by me ever again (except for maybe ‘Silly Love Songs’ when I’m in the car alone). Yes, it really was that bad, people were yelling at me!

    LSE, make the ladies happy and play ‘Band On The Run’. And if not for the ladies, do it for the shamrock, may she rest in peace.

  4. I’m glad you had a good weekend. I was supposed to meet kickballers at the Funky Buddha on Friday so I would have seen you. Weird. Anyway,they were apparently at a reserved table upstairs. I stayed home and had a little “work on my paper” party.

  5. Dunno HDW…to be honest, I am totally shitfaced as I’m typing this…yep, cabbed it home…and I am singing along to Kasabian at the top of my lungs and it SO does not sound very pretty…but boy does it feel incredibly good!

    Red Bull and Vodka are definitely not to be trusted. But they do make me a better pool player.

    LSE- May?????

    Shmeder – when you are finished w/ school all of us need to have a party in your honor!

    Hubs- you can never sing worser than me,,,trust me on this….

    NNSD y’all….

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