Strict Confidentiality

I had another fun weekend up in Breckenridge. This time it was for my brothers bachelor party. As the best man (and a willing participant), I am under a strict confidentiality clause as to what exactly happened during said gathering. I can tell you, however, we were fortunate enough to get to stay at this place. It slept 21, included a pool table, hot tub, enormous deck, fooseball table, large screen TV, grill, backyard zip-line, Nintendo game cube, high-speed internet, and boobs.

One thought to “Strict Confidentiality”

  1. Boobs? Did someone say boobs? I could have sworn that boobs were mentioned. What is all this talk about boobs? Could someone tell me why boobs keep coming up in conversation? I saw some boobs in Wedding Crashers, but no one mentioned boobs as much as boobs have been boobed up here. All these boobing boob talk is really boobing me out, boob.

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