A Long Weekend Done Short

I guess five entries a month just isnít worth even bothering with. So Iíll throw this one in here and make it an even six. This way weíre all happy. Or I am anyway.

Thanksgiving was nice. I spent the afternoon at my momís with my brother and pandy and the traditional butterball. Afterward we went to visit my Grandma. She wasnít able to join us at my momís house. Itís too early for her to leave the alz. Unit. After that I went up to Gís parents. I didnít get there till eight so dinner was all finished but there was plenty of wine still flowing.

Friday I went and saw Alexander the great. It was more like Alexander The Great Piece Of Shit. Donít waste your time. Please, please, please donít waste your money. It was terrible. I fell asleep twice. I may start boycotting Oliver Stone.

After the movie G and I met my brother and Pandy over at my pops house for the Day After Thanksgiving Meal, or The Second Thanksgiving In A Divorced Family Dinner. The dinner was wonderful. My dad made his Seafood Medley which I love (The turkey was really good too mom!). Afterward we played Chicken Foot. I didnít really dominate. I came out in the middle of the pack. Oh, how hubsish of me.

Saturday I sat around on the couch all morning and then came into work. Iím really giving it a good go here. What do you do when on thin ice? Stop and listen to the crackles and look for a thicker area of the lake or do you skate as fast as you can. Iím flying man.

That night G and I went over to a friendís house to play cards. It was my first time playing spades. It was ruough. I think I may have gotten a little grumpy. Thatís what happens I guess.

On Sunday I slept in, grabbed a burger at the Handle Bar and Grill. It wasnít really all of that. I finished off the long weekend the way any semi-intelligent, warm blooded, halfhearted American would Ė with trash TV.

Giving Thanks.

13 thoughts to “A Long Weekend Done Short”

  1. I don’t know…. I think Michael Mann is entertaining to watch in his misadventures. I say “bring it on.”

    so is the handle bar and grill a mustache bar or a biker bar?

  2. oh PUKE. thats so irritating. i wish this tv show to movie shit would quit is there no one with a brain left in hollywood??

    whats chicken foot?

  3. the handle bar and grill is a bicyclist-bar, and not a very good one at that. it’s a couple blocks from my house but we never go there cuz it sucks, and the food sucks too. well it doesn’t suck horrible, but it’s for sure not that great.

    that killed me too, ginni.

  4. me, i prefer to skate AROUND the cracks in the ice, and point and laugh at them and their inefficiencies until i feel better about myself.

    then i go push the kids down as they skate. so fun.

  5. Ugh, Alexander was god-awful. It was actually embarrassing to witness such hideous acting performances. People walked out of the theater when I went, after the tenth time Alexander JUST WOULDN’T DIE.

  6. yeah, i think the miami vice movie is a bad idea, it does get a little old watching all these tv shows turn to movies strictly on their kitsch value. fantasy island should be next.

    this is chicken foot.

    this time at the handle bar (my second time there, maybe my last) we sat too sttols down from a homeless man (we know this because he kept on annoucing it) that smelt like dirty dishwater. we eventually had to move to eat.

  7. i’m with virginia. “alexander the great piece of shit” is shark sandwich/shit sandwich funny.

    also, this same comment was posted in your previous blog entry on el accidente. please to remove.

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