And Some Regular Stuff

After work on Friday I rushed out to India’s Restaurant to meet Ray and her boyfriend for Ray’s birthday. I failed to bring any sort of gift for Ray. But fortunately there are people in my life who treat me better than I treat my friends and offered to make a gift for her that we’ll both appreciate. Thanks you. The restaurant was pretty cool on the inside and it smelled great but I restricted my self to Simlas knowing I’d be eating later. Ray brought Dartanian who is getting huge and will end up being a big boy. He’s now just over one year old. After a couple drinks with Ray and company, I left for a B-day party.

I then went to Squigley’s for his birthday. Before I got there, I didn’t want to get off the phone so I parked my car by his house, reclined my seat and chatted away. I ended up spending about an hour like that much to the utter confusion of my friends who had seen me. It cracked me up. Squiggley had a great spread and lots of beer. I ate five deviled eggs, and some regular stuff like sandwiches, pinwheels, cheese dip, and spinach dip. We played white-trash horseshoes under the light of tiki torches and watched one of this summers most magnificent lightning displays role in over us. The margaritas were great and so were the giant dominos. When a full game was laid out it took nearly the entire basement floor. I ended the night giving a friend chinese torture. He called this afternoon to verify it actually happened – no wonder it was so easy to pin him down.

On Saturaday I went into work for a little bit. And lazed around in the afternoon. I found out the the concierge and valet at large hotels will do nice things for you if you make them think your staying there.

On Sunday, my brother, his girlfriend and I went down to a friend’s grandparents for a cookout. The lived in a huge house with a giant balcony out in Roxborough. There was about fifteen or so of us all singing and playing guitars (my new song to play is Dylan’s “Lay, Lady, Lay”) and dancing in our seats. There were tons of laughs and this group of people overflows with character. We watched out over the valley as the rocks changed from bright orange to gray and the moon came up.

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  1. I have been engaged in a long-standing “discussion” with friends as to the mental imagery invoked by “Lay Lady Lay.” While it is seems obvious that dylan must be singing about a beautiful woman, his inflection of “big brass bed” has always led me, an other people to believe that he is singing about an extremely obese woman, who could also be beautiful.

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