Back In Black

Despite my earlier experiences I participated in a karaoke night again. This time is wasn’t nearly as much of a disaster as last time. Not to say it wasn’t a disaster though. I rocked out AC/DC’s (I wish my keyboard had a lighting bolt symbol on it) “Back In Black”. It’s a great song for karaoke because you can basically scream the whole thing. I had always thought that I had wanted this song as my theme tune. A theme tune, in my ideal world, is the song that plays behind me anytime I enter a room full of friends, family, or strangers. It doesn’t play when I enter toilets, funerals, or hospitals.

I haven’t decided if it’s necessary for one to be able to at least sing along to the entire song before it is allowed to become your theme tune. Or maybe just knowing the words should be enough. If either of those requirements are put into place, I have some work to do before I can claim “Back In Black” as my theme song.

I think I brought the house down though, despite my screwing up what I thought was the “daddy loose mama goose” line. My apologies go out to the old man in the front row who was so horrified by my performance, and his experience, that he refused to look me in the eye during the entire song.

On a not-so-completely different subject, I have a new book review up.

11 thoughts to “Back In Black”

  1. AC/DC is like pre-screamo screamo! I think in order to have a theme song according to your definition, one just needs to carry a portable stereo or “ghetto blaster” on one’s shoulder.

  2. That’s great! Would have loved to hear it. I do it at Charlie’s some Tuesday nights. One night a few months ago, I killed (in a good way) with The Killers’ “All These Things I’ve Done”. It was a rare moment. It’s fun to do cheesy stuff, too, like “Me And Mrs. Jones”. THAT was fun.

  3. RR, AC/DC is sort of screamo without the emotion and more sex and booze. In my dream world the music plays out of thin air – no boom box required.

    Kath, Don’t worry, after my performance, nobody can hear anything anymore.

    Howard, Cheesy is good. I’ll do “Total Eclipse of the Heart” if somebody is willing to get on stage with me (a daring proposition indeed).

  4. I looooove karoake. Like, I’ll even do it when it’s not even karaoke – I just go up to whatever band is playing and ask them if they know “Angel From Montgomery” (my signature song) so I can sing it.

    And I would totally sing Total Eclipse of the Heart with you! Or how about Leather and Lace by Don Henley and Stevie Nicks?

  5. oh man, that would have been a sight to see. I’m laughing now and I didn’t even see it. Next time Hubs you gotta try some Michael Jackson, Billy Jean!

    Is there a minimum beer intake one must have before going up on stage?

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