Beep Beep Beeped

I stayed up late watching blind date last night (shut up) and right when each person was about to say what they thought about the their date, one of those “this is a test of the emergency broadcast system” things came on and beep beep beeped out everything the dates had to say. I wasn’t too happy about that. I also watched the new show on HBO called Carnivale. It’s seems pretty cool. It has the little person from “Fire Walk With Me” in it.

This shadow puppetry is amazing (It’s a bit risqué but then again so were the links from yesterday).

I had previously mentioned a strange Korean phenomenon in which kids act dead for photographs. It seems it doesn’t take long for these things to travel over seas.

The Newcomb College Center For Research On Women at Tulane University has chosen my book review of Thisbe Nissen’s “Out Of The Girls Room Into the Night” as an introduction to the writer. The Zale Writer-In-Residence program’s website contains the link. It can be found here (it’s the second link). I can’t believe they just used me like that. What am I? A piece of meat? Just kidding. Now give me my honorary doctorate!

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