Bizzarre Love Triangle

A funny thing happened at lunch today. I was sitting in the little fast food restaurant eating my naked burrito. To my right, on the other side of the restaurant about 30 feet away were an EMT and his girlfriend (poor girl, doesn’t she know her man’s gonna get all/is all fucked up on human tragedy and access to free pharmaceuticals). Now the EMT and his girl were really enjoying each others company – feeding each other, reaching across the table and caressing each others lips and faces, and eventually leaning across the table for long soft kisses. And they did it with no shame, aware that everyone knew what they were doing.

Next to the couple about 15 feet away were three girls in their early twenties. The one in the middle could not stop staring and the affectionate EMT and his equally affectionate girlfriend. I couldn’t quite tell from her face whether she was revolted, turned on, or simply intrigued by this display. So I stared at her.

As soon as I got her attention (which took a while cause she was so involved with this other couple) I made a little smirk. She stared at me for a second probably ashamed/wondering about how long I had been watching her for and thus knowing how long she had been watching the couple. I made a quick glance at the couple and then back at her and flashed a big knowing smile. Meanwhile the EMT realized what was happening. She then shyly smiled, blushed, and kind of flustered her hands around trying to find something to do. Her two friends who had noticed the couple and me, but hadn’t been blatantly staring, then caught on then and started laughing at her. With embarrassed giggles they quickly picked up their stuff and left.

The EMT the leaned over to his girlfriend. Having her back to me, she turned her head over her shoulder to look in my direction. When she realized whom her boyfriend was talking about she made a big smile towards me and the EMT leaned over and gave me a huge thank you smile. I laughed out loud and then buried my head in my book wondering how six people had such a full and awkward conversation without actually saying a word.

I’ll be on vacation for the rest of the week. There is a good chance that none of you will be hearing from me till Monday so behave yourselves.

7 thoughts to “Bizzarre Love Triangle”

  1. That’s a great story! Btw, ever seen Planes, Trains and Automobiles, with Steve Martin and John Candy? They’re on a train, and this couple across from them are making out all hot & heavy, and John Candy’s character is pointing at them and smirking, but Steve’s character is just disgusted with his antics. Until he looks one time- that’s when the guy, leaning the girl over backwards, cleavage everywhere, looks at Steve’s character and says- “Whydoncha take a picture, it’ll last longer!” A few minutes later, they’re both sitting up smoking cigarettes. (It’s funnier in the movie, of course…)

  2. I’m just bommed you didn’t take me to lunch with you. The only public displays of affection I get to witness at lunch are between the homeless guys and their dogs.

  3. I would have been afraid that they would have come over and kicked my butt! But then again, I just got back from nyc and almost got my butt kicked by a crazy drunk guy.

  4. I left this long comment here the other day about how I once got propositioned to join an overly affectionate couple that I saw at a bar, but I guess it was too racy and got censored. Or maybe it was just a computer glitch. Whatever.

  5. oh no elizabeth, it must have been a computer glitch, that kind of story is definately not too racy for around here. In fact, I courage you to try again, I’d love to hear it.

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