But Sometimes I’m An Idiot

I went to see Mates Of State again last night. They made a quick stop at the Larimer Lounge on their way to Houston to record. It was another incredible show. They had the same great interaction with each other, and the crowd, as in previous shows that I’ve seen. The set was kinda short and consisted of only about 10 or so songs, around half of them being new. And they didn’t play an encore. But there was only about 40 or so people there so it was real intimate and had a friendly party vibe. I got there a little early cause I knew the venue was small. I sat at the bar and chatted up (or should I say was chatted up by) a girl who knew the bar tender. We hit it off pretty well and danced through the set. We may get together again next week. I didn’t get home till late late late though and could barely keep my eyes open today. It was totally worth the ten bucks for the ticket, hell I would have paid twenty, but sometimes I’m an idiot. Hopefully tonight I’ll get a good nights rest.

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3 thoughts to “But Sometimes I’m An Idiot”

  1. Hey man! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I see you get around the blogging community as well … as does my neighbor-to-the-near-east Allison. She’s like MasterCard, everywhere I want to be.

    I do actually get work done. I’ve just got fast typin’ fingers.

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