Candlelight And Strangers

On Saturday night, at around 11:00 PM, I got bored. I bundled up in coat, hat, and gloves and trudged through the 6″ of snow to my local haunt. The place was fairly mellow for a Saturday night. The bad weather kept the crowds at home. The kitchen closed early and there was room to sit at the bar. About my second beer into the evening the power went down. Slowly. Starting at one end of the bar and fizz, fizz, fizzing, one section of lights at a time, across to the other side of the bar, past the jute box, the booths and the pool room till everything was off. Apparently somebody in the alley behind the building slid on the icy street and took out a utility pole.

Luckily, since it’s my haunt, I have a tab there without having to provide a credit card. And luckily the power outage shut the computers down. Woot! Free beer. Well, close, I still tipped the guys and paid them close to the right amount. Mostly because I’m not an asshole to people who don’t treat me like one. It was cool though because as soon as the TVs went out, and the jute box went silent, and the moody light went dark, all of those that were there for “the scene” quickly left. And those of us who didn’t want to stare at the TV, dance, play pool, or eat, all sat at the bar and actually talked to each other. Novel idea. With only candlelight and strangers, an unusually fun evening was had.

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