Broken Picture Icon

Error Icon

No, That isn’t an error. It is supposed to be like that. Why would I post a broken link icon at the top of this entry? Did it trick you? It’s funny how common, everyday symbols can do our thinking for us – sending our minds onto some type of auto pilot. Is there a term for that? Yesterday I was surfing the net and came across this picture on the woostercollective and thought, “Wow. How fun. Where can I get me some of those stickers?” The website had very little information (who is Niko and Andrea?) So I decided to make some for myself. Then I though it would be fun to make them available to others in the Artifacting Store. My first one went on the upper right hand corner of the whiteboard in my office. Where is yours going?

While fiddling around, I also thought that the icon could look cool on a plain white envelope so I drew up some stamps with the broken image icon on it as well.

Anyway I hope some others can have some fun with these stickers, I’d be interested in finding out creative ideas others have used them for.

Embarrassed, Alternatively

I was somehow up and at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival before noon on Monday. It was pretty good. There were a bunch of the same artists that were there two years ago (I didn’t go last year) that I really enjoy (Jamie Perry, John Harris) and a handful of new ones that I really enjoyed (Kathleen Eaton). Gijyun might be interested to know I saw a “performance” by the two-fisted rock-me artist. He “did” Bono. Mostly it made me giggle, stare at my shoes and shake my head, and become embarrassed, alternatively. It was pretty hot there so I didn’t spend as much time looking around as I had previous times. It was a pleasant afternoon.