#oneSecond: A Four Volume Set Of Every Single Tweet Created During A Single Second

#oneSecond 1

Check out this cool data visualization project called #oneSecond. Philipp Adrian created a four volume set of all the tweets created during a single second. Adrian created it as part of an assignment for his typography class while he was a student at The Basel School of Design.

He used Datasift to acquire every tweet in the world on Nov. 9, 2012, at 14:47:36 GMT. The tweets were then layed out in four books covering over 4,500 pages. Each tweet was categorized by language, timezone, avatar type or registration date. Data like followers, friends and status counts determined the appearance for each users tweet. The books contain 5,522 tweets in 42 languages.

#oneSecond 2All images via Philipp Adrian

Banksy NYC Stall

Selling Banksy’s Art

Since October 1st, elusive street artist Banksy has been leaving his mark in New York during a month-long residency called “Better Out Than In“. This weekend, as part of his live exhibition, Banksy set up a stall in Central Park where an unknown man sold “100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases” to the general public for $60 each. The stall contained about 25 spray art canvasses – eight paintings were sold (two were bargained down to $30 each).

Banksy NYC StallPhoto courtesy of Banksy.

For comparison, in 2007 Banksy’s work “Space Girl & Bird” was purchased for $576,000, and in 2008 his canvas “Keep it Spotless” was sold for $1,870,000. The BBC estimates the pieces sold yesterday could be worth as much as $31,000 each. Accompanying video can be seen on BanksyNY youtube account.

US Electoral Map

United States Of Electoral Votes

In an unearnest attempt to rethink the electoral college, Neil Freeman redrew the US into 50 new states with equal population. In an effort to reduce the disparity in size and influence of individual states in the current electoral college, Neil Freeman redefined geographical boundaries of all 50 states (and renamed them) so that they each contain a population of about of about 6,175,000. For example California is split into nine states while Colorado gets divided among Shiprock, Ogallala, and Salt Lake.

US Electoral Map

The map began with an algorithm that groups counties based on proximity, urban area, and commuting patterns. The algorithm was seeded with the fifty largest cities. After that, manual changes took into account compact shapes, equal populations, metro areas divided by state lines, and drainage basins. In certain areas, divisions are based on census tract lines.

Keep in mind that this is an art project, not a serious proposal, so take it easy with the emails about the sacred soil of Texas.

via kottke

Benoit Paillé’s LSD Photos

I have been a fan of Benoit Paillé’s ever since seeing his series on the Rainbow Gatherings a few years back (Photography at Rainbow Family gatherings is typically frowned upon). But I had somehow missed this great set. Benoit Paillé explains it as such:

After taking LSD. I lighting up a candle in the middle of the wood and during the exposure, i make a meditation about the holism of nature surrounding me. Feeling the crystal vibration irradiating from the center of the Gaia mother earth. So in this picture i try to show you the magic,sacred metaphysical quality of the nature and new age bullshiting you .

As always, click for Hi-Res.
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Bubble Planet 1

Planetary Bubbles

Bubble Planet 1

Bubble Planet 15All photos courtesy of Jason Tozer

These stunning photographs are not of distant gas planets. They are close-up shots of soap bubbles captured by photographer Jason Tozer. Tozer uses a giant dome of perspex to illuminate the reflective surface and blows through a straw to excite the surface of each bubble. His bubble making recipe is ten parts distilled water, one part washing up soap, and a bit of glycerine. All of the colors and details are genuine as Tozer very rarely relies post processing or the use of filters. A bunch more very high-resolution shots can be found below.
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Rain Room

Rain Room

Rain Room

Rain Room is a hundred square metre field of falling water through which it is possible to walk, trusting that a path can be navigated, without being drenched in the process.

As you walk into the man-made rainfall 3D cameras pickup on your presence, location and movement. The Cameras then send instructions for the rain continue to fall close to people, yet not too close, as they intersect the space. The fact that somebody created a gigantic indoor torrential downpour is cool. But the ability to walk through the deluge without getting the slightest bit wet is outstanding. The installation runs until March and doesn’t cost a penny (pence). I wish I were in London to see it.

Rain Room 3

Rain Room 2All photos courtesy of Oli Scarff

iPhone Oil Painting 3

Noteworthy Tumblr #8: iPhone Oil Paintings

iPhone Oil Painting 1iPhone Oil Painting 2iPhone Oil Painting 3

Since today Apple announced the iPhone 5, I think it’s an appropriate time to show you all Jonathan Keller Keller’s iPhone oil paintings. There not the type of oils paintings you might expect. First off, the paintings are temporary and captured in gif format. They’re created by using facial grease and grimy smudge marks to reflect light from his turned-off touchscreen. The results are both gross and awesome. More here.