This site has Bulgarian Properties For Sale. I’ve featured islands for sale. I’ve featured castles for sale. But not Bulgarian properties. All of the homes in this link are being sold for less than $10,000US.

20 Lessons To Kick Start Your Cooking Skills – Lesson number 20 is a test so be sure you’re paying close attention

Just in time for the 4th are11 Tips for Sparkling Fireworks Photos. Firecracker photography may seem difficult, but follow some simple rules and you’re virtually guaranteed good results.

As an added bonus here is How to Photograph Fireworks. If the above link wasn’t enough for you, here is an additional article taking pictures of exploding gunpwder.

Deception Island (62°57’S, 60°38’W) is one of the most incredible islands on the planet. It is an active volcano in the South Shetland Islands, off the Antarctic Peninsula. Its unique landscape comprises barren volcanic slopes, steaming beaches and ash.

The Bacon Alarmclock: Last night I was watching the office and the boss on the show burt his foot making bacon in bed. Being the bacon lover I am, I though, “Wow. Wouldn’t that be nice? Bacon in bed? Yummm.” Well, this guy went ahead and made my dream a reality.


Benjamen Walker’s Theory Of Everything: I haven’t really gotten into this whole podcasting thing yet but this looks like it could be a good one.

Not your ordinary Mashup! This Beatles Mash-up Medley mix is made up by appx 40 Beatles songs, with sometimes five different songs playing at the same time. A must hear.

Transformational geometry and interation in cornrow hairstyles.

DVD Light Display: Turn your T.V. into a futuristic light display. Play this dvd and watch as 8 recorded colors are “played”. Use your T.V. as a cool new lighting element or lamp at your next party. It way too expensive, but a great idea.




  • A list of celebrities and other prominent and famous individuals who have experienced being homeless for a brief or extended period at one time in their lives, either as children or adults. Stats:

      Nobel Prize Winners: 1
      Nobel Prize Nominees: 2 (includes above)
      Oscar Winners: 5
      Oscar Nominees: 9 (includes above)
      Emmy Award Winners: 7
      Emmy Award Nominees: 10 (includes above)
      Grammy Award Winners: 9
      Grammy Award Nominees: 13 (includes above)
      Best-Selling Authors: 6
      Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients (U.S.’s highest civilian honor): 1
      Knighthoods: 1
  • Loretta Lux takes photographs of children that are almost as charming as they are creepy. Her site is worth a look.
  • A Denver drinking club for all of you ready to find new bars and drinking partners.
  • I’m going to be gone but somebody should go to this. Redwood wines of California is putting on this cool event pairing exotic, foraged, food with wine and an informative walk in Commons Park. It’s free and there is still plenty of room for reservations.
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  • Neat, but pricey, furniture made of old (and new) bike parts.
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  • “The way I looked at it, if I took $39 and went to buy groceries, I wouldn’t be able to get all that much. On the flipside, if I took $39 to a casino and lost it all, I wouldn’t be all that upset. With that said, I decided I was going to try something…”
  • “I wrote this game for my two-year-old daughter. The first time I turned it on, it took about a minute or two for her to understand what was going on. She spent the next hour-and-a-half laughing, squealing, talking, and babbling. She still wanted more and asked for the game on an almost daily basis for the next month.”