It’s been an eventful week. I’ve been up to a lot but don’t really feel like writing about any of it so I’ll just type out some quick highlights. Thursday evening was spent having cocktails in the old neighborhood – it was great for that reminiscing part of my brain. Later we headed over to the Oriental Theater (nice blog, great venue) for this “420” thing that was a bit of a dud, but a decent cause.

Friday was rough but after work I rallied and met friends over at the Funky Buddha for a bit and then went home to watch movies.

Slept in Saturday and did tons of yard work (hmmm I guess that’s not a highlight). I then went off to a birthday party at Ogden Street South. It was a complete blast. Highlights include karaoke and the soon to be infamous “Nobody calls her that you fucking bitch!” episode. I’m beginning to determine that me and karaoke don’t mix well.

Sunday consisted of a 24 hour long headache (not hangover induced), another birthday celebration at the West End Tavern, and some serious couch time.

Cubby Holes and Kickball

Kickball at DeKoevend Park, Littleton

Well we lost a kick ball again on Friday. We may just be the most losingest team in the history of all kickball. And now it seems the fun is starting to run out. Well, I’m still having a good time at it but more and more people are missing games and nobody on my team goes to the bar to “celebrate” afterward. Granted, the weather the past couple of weeks has effected my participation as well. At least everybody has a good time when they are on the field. Maybe next season I’ll try to recruit a little younger. The old marrieds can’t seem to hack it anymore.

After the game Pandy and me went out bar hopping (my brother was out of town at a bachelor party) We first stopped by the Irish Snug (I think it was snug, correct me if I’m wrong). Inside the bar are the snugs. They’re little booths, or stalls, with little tables in them. After walking in the snug and shutting the door behind you, you knock on this little (1 foot x 1 foot) door that opens up to the bar. Drinks are served to you through the little cubby hole. The snugs started in Ireland as a way for priests and politicians to drink anonymously. After that we headed out to Dulcineas 100th monkey, after trying the hippie bar which was one-in-one-out. We had a good time listening to live reggae music and chatting. Each of us got free drinks and a few free dinners all from different drunk strangers who ran into us.

Crawfish Etoufee

My brother and his girlfriend invited me over for dinner with them on Tuesday night. She knows that I love Cajun food and she’s from Louisiana so she made crawfish etoufee. I kept telling her that I’ve never had crawfish before so they made sure to invite me over when they fixed it. It was sooooo good. She sent me home with all the leftovers too. I had it again for dinner last night. Mmmmm.

After dinner and a couple of bottles of wine we headed out to the Lions Lair. I’ve wanted to go to this divey punk bar since I was in highschool but never really had the reason to. It was everything I expected: dark, smoky, and rowdy. We went to go see a band called Tub Ring. Check out some of their music here (but I think they were better live). They come from Chicago and were recommended by a few of my brother’s friends. They sound kinda like Mr.Bungle meets Mindless Self Indulgence meets Secret Chiefs 3. We had a blast though. The first band sucked and was getting pretty heckled from the bar patrons. The second band, Bangtel, was a pleasant surprise and their claim to fame was that they had a giant woven blanket with a picture of a vagina on it tacked up to the wall. I ended up staying out till like 2:00 am. Way too late for a school night especially for a guy who’s sick.

As a result I was sick and tired yesterday. Literally. Not to mention my bills are stacking up. Time to start saving some money. I guess.