Feed Me Seymore

I’m looking at using a news aggregator or similar type of service to start reading blogs. Has anyone had any experience using bloglines or kinja or any other type of service? Is there any other services that are better? How do you read your favorite blogs, by simply clicking on the links of your own blog, or do you use a “feed” service?

This Is What I Think About You

Comments I’ve left on others people’s blogs today:

happy holidays to you to jezebel.
oarah, that sounded like something from a fortune cookie.

were both lucky that it’s sometimes easier for others to fall in love with our face than it actually is for ourselves.

well if you worked behind a cash register all your life, having kids may be the only thing you got going for you. sometimes it’s hard to take off your own shoes.

you could tell your mom you have an appointment with the girly-doctor. that would be only half lying.
when you need pills, you need pills, and you have to ask someone. but distancing yourself from your current crowd is something that will need to be done at some point if you plan on quitting.

the more common order is wedding, hotel, baby. but i suppose you’d just tell me you’re not common.

ok lux, got it posted on my sight in the annex. enjoy. consider my payment re-introducing me to this wonderful song.

your right chevy the 1st three lines are great. then it all goes to dookie.

i assumed he “went for it”. i didn’t assume it was true. i’ll finish a story in my head but i don’t believe everything i read.

i was wondering the same thing myself scott. chevy where are you?

“having had intercourse style sex” made me laugh.
also nick & jessica were given a hummer to drive around in that day by some studio or something so it wasn’t just a flat-out proposition, there was some innuendo.