Rumor Mill

You heard it here first. A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend told me….
Nick and Jessica Simpson are separated. She was fucking Johnny Knoxville during the entire filming of “Dukes Of Hazard”. Word is that Knoxville is real down on himself about breaking up the marriage. I’m thinking he wasn’t down enough to enjoy it.

Remember, you heard it on Hubsville first. Expect it to hit the tabloids in about three weeks!
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Over The River And Through The Woods

It blows me away how New York-centric the entire blogosphere is (cringe… I hate that I just said any of that). Or is it just me. Or is it that I just read too many New york sites and not enough North Carolina, California, Texas, Portland, Illinois, Missouri or Connecticut sites? I don’t know. But it seems the whole blog world is getting their panties in a collective bunch about Christo and Jeanne-Claude putting up some little curtains in the that one little piece of nature there in NYC. I mean seriously, you don’t see me getting in a huff over this.
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MTV Dissapoints Once Again

Last night when I got home I turned on the TV. The channel was already tuned to MTV so I watched TRL while changing out of my work clothes. They were having a spelling contest with a very attractive female who looked about 29 yrs old. The woman was a Jr High teacher who had to spell ghetto rap words like Xzibit, Eminem, and Big Boi. She wasn’t able to get any of them right. I thought to myself, “Hot damn, it’s nice to know that there are a few attractive women out their that are in my demographic, poor spellers, and still appreciate MTV.” Then she started talking about the kids that she taught at school and how these kids now filled up the typical, hysterical and screaming audience. It was then that I realized she was only there cause her students were there, and my hopes and dreams were shattered.

Lost, Dropped & Cancelled

The last few days have been a bit of a bore. Mostly I’ve been trying to get rid of this nasty cold by lying on the couch, getting to bed early, and drinking lots of orange juice. It seems to be working and I think I’m rounding the corner to wellness. This week has been weird cause I had a couple of plans with a couple of people for going out and getting drinks at the beginning of the week that were cancelled on me. Tonight I cancelled on a work related basketball game, pool tournament, and cigar smoking session that I’m sure would have made me bust a lung. I also cancelled on our work related “senior ditch day” of skiing tomorrow cause I got some work I need to finish in the office and I think it would be good to rest one more day. So lots of cancelled plans lately. I did go out with Soph and MonkeyMan last night. That was a pleasant surprise cause I’ve never got a phone call from them to go out before. It was a real mellow, enjoyable evening that consisted mostly of conversation and pool at the January Replacement bar. I was home before 11:00 which was nice because St. Paddy’s Day, much like New Years Eve is amateur night; things can get real annoying real fast.
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