Ghost Turds

Can I get a “Good God Damn Ya’ll“?

Thank you.

Let’s see. Have you guys seen Project Runway? I watched this show both Sunday and last night and it cracks my shit up. The Queer Eye For The Straight Girl is, well, queer. I fell asleep on the couch watching it. So I pretty much won’t be watching that half-hour of queerness again. They were all really trying too hard. It’s too bad.

What else? Try the netflix friendster thingy. You’ll be happy you did.

These are pretty good. I like to call them ghost turds. The best part is they don’t stain your hands/clothes and they taste good to boot. Check out the Annex for a link to a super-bo-jangles snackers website.

I got myself a new battery for my camera, and a flashcard reader too. But my best purchase of the day was my Pressto Hot Dogger. Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing more about this in the future.

Velvety Nar-Nar

Spent the whole weekend skiing powder at Vail and Beaver Creek. The snow was dumpcredible but its a lot of work pushing all that powder around. I had a few head over heals fall and at least two double ejectos. None of it hurt the snow was so soft. Seriously, it was a foot deep in spots at Vail. I tried a rail slide for the first time, it didnt work (and resulted in on of the yardsales). At this point I might as well just say the words velvety nar-nar so I can officially sound like a ski bum. My legs are so stiff it fells like a little bit of the rigormortous has crept in.

We stayed at Gs old roommates in Edwards. And went to have Dinner with one of her law school friends. Her boyfriend is a chef and fixed us the most absurdly mouth-watering lamb Ive ever had. It was way too classy for me.

I’ve finally got the brake lights on my car fixed. Two three years + after my accident. It cost me $60 in parts at the junk yard and 20 minutes in labor. The collision repair place quted me over $1000. Don’t tell my insurance company. My ski trip to Utah has been solidified. Flying standby should be interesting.

Bobby is at it again. The dudes popular cause hes brilliant. He outwrites those stuck-up-new-york-bloggy-bitches (dont act like you dont know who Im talking about) three times over. And does it with a smile.

Shit On A Shingle

I’m posting late tonight cause I’m still at the office burning CD’s. The time change has kind of messed with me and it feels later than it is.

I had my last kickball game on Friday. Our team came in 4th place of four teams in the league. The only team to not win a single game. Although our team may have had the worst record we definitely had the most fun. After the game we headed over to Rome’s for the season finale party. At the party I received the booby award for the most dropped fly balls. The award was a bag of Butterfinger bars. Many on my team said “I didn’t deserve the award” but the league director said “it was a unanimous decision”. I wasn’t sure whether to take any of that as a compliment or not. The league was tons of fun and I’m looking forward to playing next spring. Hopefully it won’t be on Fridays.

On Saturday I cleaned house for a while and then did some grocery shopping. Afterwards I went to and got a new stereo for my car. The stereo is sweet, detachable face, plays .mp3’s, etc. Problem is, those fuckos at Best Buy said it would be installed by 7:30. It ended up taking till 10:00 and the still haven’t got it totally installed correctly and I have to take it in later during the week. I did get a free pair of speakers and free installation out of the deal though.

On Sunday I went over to my brothers for breakfast. He fixed us all shit-on-a-shingle. It was delish. Then I went to the new super target. That place is so excessive yet so cheap. I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning up my apartment.

Tomorrow I have a visitor coming into town. Chances are I won’t type anything here for the rest of the week. Have a happy Halloween everyone!

A Lack Of Oxygen

This weekend was boom and bust.

When I got back from work on Friday I found in my mailbox the sweetest gift from Sassy Little Punkin. It a beautiful hand-painted coffee mug with a delightful inscription on the bottom and a thoughtful and heartwarming note inside. Thanks so much slp. It been sitting on my nightstand and replenishing me throughout the recent nights.

On Saturday I went hiking. We hiked up Mt. Sherman. Which is the 8th of Colorado’s 53 Fourteeners that I have completed. It involved waking up at 5:15 in the morning, which is way too early for a weekend. But don’t feel sorry for me, she only got two hours of sleep. Unfortunately, we had no sparks but she’s a nice girl. Of course a combined nine hours of sleep and a lack of oxygen don’t help in these matters and I’m sure we’ll be hanging out again. It was a relatively easy hike though, particularly for a 14er and an enjoyable day overall.

Later that evening I went to A.P.s wedding reception. He got married in Mexico a few weeks back and had a party consisting of free food and drinks, and several pinatas for all those unable to make it south of the border.

I tried calling Ray but she never answered. My other phone call that evening was answered by a machine. So my luck with communication was down on Sunday. However, I did have a really enjoyable afternoon at my brothers which consisted mainly of trying to avoid the heat by playing with the garden hose, lying around watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and going to the convenience store for refreshments. Overall it was a pretty satisfying weekend.
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The Good Stuff

Because I refuse to leave the last negative entry sitting here for three days – a few positive things going on.

  • Hubsville has a few fun construction projects in the works if the municipal bonds go through.
  • Long weekend – need I say more!
  • Fireworks, friends, BBQ’s, and Bike Rides in addition to general good times are planned over the next 72 hours.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of eating sushi and drinking Kirin Ichibans for dinner the last two nights in a row. Now if I can only fend off the mercury poisoning.
  • And a couple of great tunes to get everyone in the spirit of things.
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  • It Was My Fault

    Just some quick updates cause I don’t feel like writing much.

    We lost our first game of ultimate last night. It was my fault. I wasn’t playing tight enough D. The guy I was covering scored the winning point. Oh well.

    I had lunch with Sabrina today. We went to my favorite mexican restaurant: La Fiesta. I like going there to show off cause I’m kind of a regular. I know some of the wait staff and they have a hubs burrito (super burrito, beef & been, extra cheese, green chili, no tomato). Mmmmmmmm. Me and Sabrina touched on some issues of our past and such. She still seems a little bitter toward me and I know I’m still a little bitter towards her. And you can tell we both have some things we want to say but are not sure how. But, at the same time, it’s really nice being able to hang out together.
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    Caught Off Gaurd

    Last night I went to Red Rocks to watch E.T. Seeing movies at Red Rocks is really romantic. I’ve taken a few dates to listen to music, have a picnic, watch a movie under the stars, and see the stunning twinkling lights of Denver in the background. It makes for a terrific date (ask Liz she had a hot date there last night too).

    I went with Ali and Bear. They brought along a friend. I wasn’t expecting this, otherwise I may have presented myself a little differently as she was very cute and really interesting to talk to. It also seemed like we had a fair amount in common. I however, was looking slobby, stinking of cigarettes and caught off guard. This all dropped my confidence a little but made for a good challenge. She had expected other friends to come along but they all bailed on her so it was just us two and the married couple. It turned out to be an unintentional double date in my eyes (But that could very well be because I was attracted to her. She could have easily considered it a movie with friends and a stranger). Neither one of us expected it to be just us. Neither one of us expressed that we cared. We had good time, shared a blanket (that she brought) and picnic dinner (that she brought).

    Oy. The more I write the worse this sounds. My point, anyway, is that I found her really attractive. I failed to get a phone number but am pretty sure I’ll be in contact with her again. I hope. Man I’ve been doing a lot of hoping lately.

    It Goes On

    Last night me and my brother went over to my pops to celebrate a belated fathers day and an early birthday. On the way over we got in a heated yet civil argument over what a racist is. I got my dad a fishing pole case that he was really happy with. Me and my brother also fixed him steaks and potatoes (actually my brother did most of the cooking).

    A few years ago, when I ordered checks (or cheques for all you brits), I had the bank print this Robert Frost quote on the bottom of each one:
    “In three words, I can sum up everything I know about life: It goes on.