Ski Weekend

Some crazy shit going down in Hubsville right now. Dat fo’ sho’.

Last Saturday me and my Bro went skiing up at Arapahoe Basin. Lot’s of sun and lot’s of rocks. We could use some snow and I could use some luck.

The steep Pallavicini run, Arapahoe Basin, CO

The Continental Divide, Arapahoe Basin, CO

The East Wall, Arapahoe Basin, CO

Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort, CO

Lost, Dropped & Cancelled

The last few days have been a bit of a bore. Mostly I’ve been trying to get rid of this nasty cold by lying on the couch, getting to bed early, and drinking lots of orange juice. It seems to be working and I think I’m rounding the corner to wellness. This week has been weird cause I had a couple of plans with a couple of people for going out and getting drinks at the beginning of the week that were cancelled on me. Tonight I cancelled on a work related basketball game, pool tournament, and cigar smoking session that I’m sure would have made me bust a lung. I also cancelled on our work related “senior ditch day” of skiing tomorrow cause I got some work I need to finish in the office and I think it would be good to rest one more day. So lots of cancelled plans lately. I did go out with Soph and MonkeyMan last night. That was a pleasant surprise cause I’ve never got a phone call from them to go out before. It was a real mellow, enjoyable evening that consisted mostly of conversation and pool at the January Replacement bar. I was home before 11:00 which was nice because St. Paddy’s Day, much like New Years Eve is amateur night; things can get real annoying real fast.
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KHUBS Radio And Grey Tuesday

So I’ve been working on putting together KHUBS Radio for a little while now and I thought what better time to announce it than on Grey Tuesday.

See, DJ Danger Mouse created a remixed album consisting of Jay-Z’s Black Album and the Beatles White Album, and called it the Grey Album. Jay-Z’s record label, Roc-A-Fella, released an a capella version of his Black Album specifically to encourage remixes like this one. However, EMI claims copyright control of the Beatles November 25, 1968 released, White Album. As a result, EMI has sent cease and desist letters demanding that stores destroy their copies of the album and that websites remove them from their sites. I personally feel that if sampled music is recorded in a respectful and artistically positive way, and that the end result is fundamentally different than the original, that artists should be able release their works without worry about copyright infringement. DJ Danger Mouse’s Grey Album does just that. I’m not sure what EMI is afraid of, the Grey Album is a completely new piece of art wonderfully different from what the Beatles created. I can’t imagine the Grey Album could have any effect on the sales of the incredibly popular (and rightfully so) White Album (except maybe introduce a few hip-hop fans that have somehow escaped the unavoidable genius that is the White Ablum).

The point is we cannot allow these corporations to continue censoring art; we need common-sense reforms to the copyright law that can make sampling legal and practical for artists. So for my part, in participation of GreyTuesday, which is sponsored by Downhill Battle, you can listen to DJ Danger Mouse’s Grey Album by clicking here or the KHUBS Radio link over there on the right for a pop-up to listen to while you’re doing other stuff. Enjoy!

This Is What I Think About You

Comments I’ve left on others people’s blogs today:

happy holidays to you to jezebel.
oarah, that sounded like something from a fortune cookie.

were both lucky that it’s sometimes easier for others to fall in love with our face than it actually is for ourselves.

well if you worked behind a cash register all your life, having kids may be the only thing you got going for you. sometimes it’s hard to take off your own shoes.

you could tell your mom you have an appointment with the girly-doctor. that would be only half lying.
when you need pills, you need pills, and you have to ask someone. but distancing yourself from your current crowd is something that will need to be done at some point if you plan on quitting.

the more common order is wedding, hotel, baby. but i suppose you’d just tell me you’re not common.

ok lux, got it posted on my sight in the annex. enjoy. consider my payment re-introducing me to this wonderful song.

your right chevy the 1st three lines are great. then it all goes to dookie.

i assumed he “went for it”. i didn’t assume it was true. i’ll finish a story in my head but i don’t believe everything i read.

i was wondering the same thing myself scott. chevy where are you?

“having had intercourse style sex” made me laugh.
also nick & jessica were given a hummer to drive around in that day by some studio or something so it wasn’t just a flat-out proposition, there was some innuendo.

Will Probably Never Be Found Out

When I woke up this morning the air inside my bedroom, outside of the warm cocoon of my covers, was cold and brisk. It was snowing outside and I had left my window open a few inches throughout the night. Now it’s snowing like crazy so I have decided not to go into the mountains and to come in and work in the office for a while and spend the day reading books and watching movies.

I spent a couple of hours last night trying to implement some new ideas for my blog and ended up messing things up and practically having to rebuild the bitch. It sucked but I’m learning stuff all the time. What good learning any of this will do me, however, will probably never be found out.

My mind kept me up till 2:30 last night because it was unable to shut down. It was racing with ways to improve my life. Ways to get more satisfaction from the things I’m already doing. And new things that will help. Ideas. Developments. Systems and simplifications, and the complications caused by them. But in the end, really, I came up with noting too profound. Nothing I haven’t thought about a million times before. I’m generally very happy and high-spirited. It’s a matter of breaking habits and starting new ones.

So now I sit here in my office, trying to finish up a few things work and otherwise. A warm cup oatmeal, hot mug of coffee, and tall glass of ice water in front of me. And you.

Joe Reality

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the computer the last two days. I’m finally getting near a completion on my redesign and work has had me sitting in front of this piece of crap quite a bit too. In the mean time I’ve been watching a fair bit of reality TV. I watched Joe Millionaire and Average Joe on Monday. Did I really watch two hours worth of “Joe” reality? My god. And because I have had trouble getting to sleep lately, Conan O’Brian has been making me laugh out loud all by my lonesome.