Is It Lyn?

After another long day at work yesterday, I went out to my local haunt for some dinner and a couple of drinks. I got the marinated portabella sandwich with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers and melted provolone. It was delish. I also put down a couple of Stellas. Meanwhile the couple sitting next to me were both drunk, and all over each other. They were a newer couple cause she was playing the if-you-can-remember-my-middle-name-you-can-sleep-with-me-tonight game and was having a lot of fun teasing him with it. When he got up to go to the bathroom she asked me for a french fry. I gave them all to her cause I was full. We had a nice little chat and introduced ourselves. When he got back she left to pee. I asked him if he had figured out her middle name yet. He said no but he knows it starts with ‘L’ and is one syllable. When she comes back he guesses Lisa (one syllable?). Realizing that he has lost the game he just begins guessing: Leanne, Linda, Lou, Liz, Lolla, and on and on. I listen for about fifteen more minutes while finishing another beer and then I turn to them and say, “Is it Lyn?”
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All The Belongings

I got a call yesterday afternoon from my father. He was calling from the emergency room and needed me to take him home. He had been in a car wreck. He got T-boned in a major intersection by a lady who ran the red light. He’s ok. Lots of back pain, bruised ribs, bruised kidney. His car is totaled though. I went and got stuff out of it at the towing place. I cleaned out the glove box and boxed up all the belongings he had. Then we went and got a prescription filled for some pain pills. Strong stuff. He’ll be passed out most of today, which is good cause he’s going to be hurtin’. I worry because back problems can stick with you and haunt you all your life. Yesterday I told him he was lucky. He just looked at me and laughed. He sure didn’t feel lucky, but he knew what I meant.