I’m Not A Jew But I Play One On TV

Pageantry and ritual are what I enjoy most out of organized religion. Judaism is no slacker religion when it comes to pageantry and ritual. I celebrated my first ever Passover Seder last year. This year me and G decided to step it up a notch and host (really, circumstances as they were, our house worked best in which to host the Seder we were invited to) Passover Seder this year. So on Monday night we had 20 close friends and acquaintances over. The guests brought the food and religious paraphernalia I didn’t own or had never heard of. G simply supplied a couple some snacks. It was just as fun as the last one with lots of singing, laughing, questions & answers (because nearly a third of us were gentiles), discussions, food, and wine. We all had a (matzoh) ball.

It seemed every single part of the meal held some sort of meaning and there are so many little details I was unaware of or just learning about. For example before we all sat down, many of our guests were asking for pillows. I figured our seats were too hard. It turns out it was another ritual: “We lean on a pillow to be comfortable and to remind us that once we were slaves, but now we are free.” See, I dig this stuff. Little secrets messages, ceremony and procedure; not so much the liturgy, sacrament and days of reckoning so often emphasized in organized religion. Speaking of things religiousy, does anyone know where in Denver kosher Coca-cola can be purchased?

Passover Seder at my house

Erev Pesach

Last Wednesday contained quite a few firsts for me. I attended my first Passover Seder. I’m not much of a religious man but I enjoy the pageantry and ritual of most religions, regardless of their beliefs. Judaism is no exception. We had the homemade Haggadah and Seder Plate. There were about 25 friends and acquaintances seated at the table which made for a lively time. There was the Matzo, Gefilte Fish, and Matzo Ball Soup. All of which I had never experienced before. Of course there were the four cups of wine (what a wonderful tradition!) in addition to all the singing and merriment. The Seder lasted hours and went well into the night. Definitely a fun and very informative evening.

Vehegadeta levincha bayom hahu leymor ba’avur zeh asah Adonay li betzaysi miMitzrayim

Pitching Passion

Eight things I didn’t know before watching The Passion Of The Christ last night:

1. Jesus had a brother. I can’t believe I didn’t know this.
2. The devil is a woman.
3. Somebody helped Jesus carry the cross.
4. Jesus stopped more than three times while carrying the cross to Mt. Golgotha.
5. It was Jesus of Nazareth who first said, “those who live by the sword will die by the sword”
6. Judas hung himself after his betrayal.
7. Jesus invented the chair.
8. Kit Kats bites are delicious.
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