Live Girl Show

Before Santa Fe had it’s recent little clean-up near the Hampden exit there was a place called the Adult Palace. The Adult Palace had been around since I was a young child. For as long as I can remember really. It was in a windowless, non-descript, squat, gray building with parking in the rear. On the front of the building was a large white sign that read in large, red, script, “ADULT PALACE – LIVE GIRL SHOW”.

photo courtesy of ewy.

Whenever the family drove past – whether it be on our way to our uncles, or perhaps to a movie at Cinderella City – somebody would make a comment about the “Live Girl” that worked their. We would all chuckle at the fact the Adult Palace bragged about the fact it contained a live girl. We were all relieved that the girl was alive, but shouldn’t she be nude, or at least topless? And why only one girl? We would all laugh a little laugh, and shake our heads. I’m sure my Father and Brother’s minds, much like mine, turned to what sort of naughtiness must be happening inside with the live girl. Mom mostly just crossed hers arms and looked straight ahead.

For years and years and years I would drive by the adult palace and say to myself, “Someday I’m just gonna pull over a see what’s going on in there”. Unfortunately I never did. And as of this summer, The Adult Palace on South Santa Fe is now gone. It’s now a Super Target. But the wonderful (and incredibly hilarious) Ewy has captured the essence of this building and its live girl, “Crystal Rayne,” in his photo essay. Go check out his blog while you’re at it.
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Not Snakes On A Plane, But Teeth In A Hoo-Ha

I first became familiar with vagina dentata last year when I read on some political bulletin board that “Ann Coulter’s pussy has teeth”. This hit me as gross, funny, creepy, somehow profound, and probably true. It was an image I had never heard described before, and up until that point, had never conjured in my mind. This idea of vagina dentata stuck with me. So much so, that I made it my very first Wednesday’s Wonderful World Of Wikipedia entry. The concept strikes me with a sort of intrigue that I’m sure Freud would have a heyday with . And then today I see this:
[flv:/video/teeth.flv 500 328]
I don’t know if I’m supposed to be laughing – but I am.