Next To Me

Last night I went to a local bar grab some dinner (shrimp quessadilla) and a drink (bourbon and coke). Next to me at the bar was a couple on a dinner/bar date. The women was above average looking, very well-built with pretty, long, brown hair. The man was also well-built, expensively but smartly dressed, and very metropolitan looking. Things I learned from him:

  • Send back your meal cause you don’t like the way it tasted. This shows your date that you’re able to take control and be decisive – you knows what you wants and you knows how to get it *wink*.
  • But then keep on saying that you aren’t picky, that you usually eat anything, you hardly ever send stuff back.
  • Then proceeded to talk about what all of your ex-girlfriends thought of you.
  • Stare at the TV above the bar the whole time.
  • Start smoking before she is done eating dinner.
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  • Caught Off Gaurd

    Last night I went to Red Rocks to watch E.T. Seeing movies at Red Rocks is really romantic. I’ve taken a few dates to listen to music, have a picnic, watch a movie under the stars, and see the stunning twinkling lights of Denver in the background. It makes for a terrific date (ask Liz she had a hot date there last night too).

    I went with Ali and Bear. They brought along a friend. I wasn’t expecting this, otherwise I may have presented myself a little differently as she was very cute and really interesting to talk to. It also seemed like we had a fair amount in common. I however, was looking slobby, stinking of cigarettes and caught off guard. This all dropped my confidence a little but made for a good challenge. She had expected other friends to come along but they all bailed on her so it was just us two and the married couple. It turned out to be an unintentional double date in my eyes (But that could very well be because I was attracted to her. She could have easily considered it a movie with friends and a stranger). Neither one of us expected it to be just us. Neither one of us expressed that we cared. We had good time, shared a blanket (that she brought) and picnic dinner (that she brought).

    Oy. The more I write the worse this sounds. My point, anyway, is that I found her really attractive. I failed to get a phone number but am pretty sure I’ll be in contact with her again. I hope. Man I’ve been doing a lot of hoping lately.

    Fully Charged

    You didn’t really expect it. Two weeks ago you shared a bottle of wine at the bar. You exchanged light conversation at first, but after a couple of glasses you both got braver, and gave each other gentle hints as to how you feel. What made you angry. What you miss most. What you want now. Something was accomplished, maybe it was just a little communication. But you both walked away from each other feeling better than you have about yourselves, and one another, for the past couple of months.

    “Lets meet for dinner on Thursday, just to catch up and hang out.”
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    Damn! I’m Getting Old.

    After work on Friday I went over to my brother’s place. From there, a group of us went out to Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom to see Fishbone. I haven’t seen Fishbone play since my college days when they came in town for Thanksgiving. It’s been maybe 5 or 6 years since I’ve seen them last. Fishbone is by no means my favorite group but their shows are traditionally a good time, and I’m usually always down for a good time. It was the same high-energy show I remembered. We all had a blast.

    But I hate those fucking moshers. Admittedly, I haven’t been to a show that had a moshpit since the early 90’s. I thought that music lovers everywhere had wizened up and realized that pushing each other around in a circle is an incredibly dumb thing to do. Apparently I was mistaken. During most of the songs the crowd was paying attention to the show, dancing, respecting each other’s space, smiling at each other and generally enjoying each other’s company. In fact, the crowd at this show was really friendly and I met a handful of really interesting people. But, during a few of the harder and faster songs the knuckleheads would start their nudging, elbowing and running in circles. Jackasses. I’m getting old.
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