An Ugly Match

We won again at ultimate last night but it was an ugly match. The opposing team had a three-point lead in the beginning, but after we moved ahead, the game got really physical and there were lots of fouls called. One guy actually punched me in the back as he ran by me after I scored. I just berated him till he apologized a couple of times in front of my teammates. They never let their girls handle the disk. There was no rhyme at the end. It was a good competitive game but the it lacked in sportsmanship. I also ended up yelling at some lady who let her toddler wander on the field during our game. She complained that we should have marked the field better (we play on soccer fields that are marked off with cones). I told her she should watch her baby closer and be a better role model for her children. We get no respect. Out with the negativity.

Competitive Recreation

Two weekends ago I went golfing at Overland. Score: 60
Yesterday I went golfing with AP at City Park. Score: 62
I’ve got some work in front of me if I’m going reach my goal of scoring under 100 on 18 holes (yes those scores above are for only 9 holes). We won at ultimate again on Monday. I had one goal and two assists. We remain undefeated with two games left in the season. I also signed up for summer league. Looks like a good summer for outdoor competitive recreation.

Pork Chop

Last night was my first ultimate game of the season. We had a game last Monday but I pussed out cause it was snowing. We won. Our team name is Chachi.

I like to try to score at least one point a game. It doesn’t always happen but it’s a good goal and I achieved it last night. Our team was better than the opponent, but I think we all had a lot of fun.

One of the kind of quirky things about ultimate is that after the game is over, and everyone has told everyone else “good game” and slapped their hand, you say a little cheer or rhyme for the other team about how well they played or something funny that happened during the game. Usually you try to work their team name in to the rhyme. For example, last night our cheer was:
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Spirit Of The Game

Spring has sprung. I singed up for ultimate again this season. I decided to try out a different league though. The league I was using before was fun but games were on Sunday morning and this tended to destroy entire weekends. Monday nights should be much better. Hopefully this new league will work out. I know I have a fun team.

Ultimate is a great sport to play strictly because of the attitude of the sport and its players. It’s highly competitive and great exercise. There are no referee’s, the entire game is played on by an honor system with the spirit of the game being the one main rule. After the games are done a tailgating atmosphere develops. Usually a couple of kegs are brought to the fields and everybody sits around watching the last games, sipping beer and getting to know each other. It’s tons of fun and a good chance to spend time outdoors with new friends. I’ve met a lot of great people playing ultimate over the past four years and I look forward to another great season. I post more on how our team does as the season develops.
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