Seasons In The Abyss

  • I’ve been having serious computer problems at work for the last six months or so. This has seriously hampered my work efficiency. The main computer dudes are coming in to wipe out my entire hard drive. Tonight, after accidentally erasing an entire folder of personal crap, I’m trying to burn seven years worth non-work related junk off my hard drive so I don’t lose it all. Even more purging than before.
  • Ray wants me to go to Bali with her and her massage therapist friends for a weeklong surfing lesson. Am I crazy for not really wanting to go?
  • From my free table the other night I got a kickass Peavey amplifier with a 12 inch speaker and enough bells and whistles to make my acoustic sound like Slayer (too bad I can’t play like Jeff Hanneman). Well, close anyway. The neighbors are gonna be pissed.

Before Midnight

I haven’t been to sleep before midnight in at least a week. I was up till 12:30 the night before last and last night I was up till 2:00 just wandering around my apartment putting different objects in different places. I’ve been busting my ass all week at work. I was in the office till 8:00 pm last night and had 7:30 meetings again this morning. They are unrelated, the sleep and the work. I almost never loose sleep over work. That’s one thing I really love about my job. Surprisingly I’m not too worn out yet but it’s bound to catch up to me pretty soon. I went out to lunch with Sabrina today. We went to La Fiesta. Last time I was there was with her, way back when. The hubs burrito is still there though. And it’s still delicious. Tonight I think I might go grab a few beers. That might put me to sleep at a decent hour. Or not.

This Is What I Think About You

Comments I’ve left on others people’s blogs today:

happy holidays to you to jezebel.
oarah, that sounded like something from a fortune cookie.

were both lucky that it’s sometimes easier for others to fall in love with our face than it actually is for ourselves.

well if you worked behind a cash register all your life, having kids may be the only thing you got going for you. sometimes it’s hard to take off your own shoes.

you could tell your mom you have an appointment with the girly-doctor. that would be only half lying.
when you need pills, you need pills, and you have to ask someone. but distancing yourself from your current crowd is something that will need to be done at some point if you plan on quitting.

the more common order is wedding, hotel, baby. but i suppose you’d just tell me you’re not common.

ok lux, got it posted on my sight in the annex. enjoy. consider my payment re-introducing me to this wonderful song.

your right chevy the 1st three lines are great. then it all goes to dookie.

i assumed he “went for it”. i didn’t assume it was true. i’ll finish a story in my head but i don’t believe everything i read.

i was wondering the same thing myself scott. chevy where are you?

“having had intercourse style sex” made me laugh.
also nick & jessica were given a hummer to drive around in that day by some studio or something so it wasn’t just a flat-out proposition, there was some innuendo.

There’s Nothing To See Here, Move Right Along

It seems like all I’ve been doing lately is working and waiting. I’m not sure if I’m not leaving myself much time for anything else or if maybe I just don’t care for it. Maybe that’s just the way I’ve subconsciously decided to take care of my business. I haven’t been bored lately, in fact, I currently have too many demands. Well, I take that back, just enough demands. And the people making the demands are being awfully conscious of them and giving me plenty of room. Now if they could just give me more time. Heavy work deadlines are looming as the end of the year draws closer. Family is making the typical holiday demands. And friends are making callings to my social-self. I haven’t been proactive on many fronts. But then again, I have taking some bigger leaps on others.
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A Long Weekend Wasted? Nah!

The last few days have been really relaxing. I know later on I’m gonna look back on this long, four day weekend and say to myself, “Damn, I could have spent those four days off way better than that now. I’d kill people for four days off in a row right now.” But regardless this is how I have spent them. Yesterday I slept in till around 10:00. I woke up in my brother’s bed. This was cause I stayed at my mom’s house overnight on Thanksgiving. This is cause I was too tired to drive home after eating a large meal of pasta with white sauce and shrimp, spinach soaked in melted butter and vinegar, garlic bread, and salad and then watching Waking Life. Waking Life is a real philosophical movie done with a unique animation style. This movie was originally filmed using real people and sets, then different artists animate the scenes by “drawing” over the top of them. It was really pretty interesting but the philosophy was sometimes hard to swallow. It was just me and my mom on Thanksgiving. In the next couple of weeks we’ll go down to my grandmas for a full on turkey dinner because my brother and Pandy are in Hawaii. We celebrate our holidays on our own terms.

On Friday I spent the afternoon surfing the internet on my moms computer, talking on the phone with Jami, and watching Anger Management. I didn’t do hardly anything in the evening and again went to bed early. It makes me wonder if I may have caught something that might be wearing me down. When I got up this morning I went to my local coffee shop and spent a couple of hours reading. Then I went to pick up my developed film and shop for digital cameras. I think I have set a price range and have a few ideas of what I want now. I IM’d with Cati a little bit this afternoon. I’m at work now cause I’m trying to get ahead for a big deadline I have in the next couple of weeks. Still no plans for the remainder of the weekend either. Sigh.

I want to stop telling the trivial, but I don’t want to stop the telling. This is becoming increasingly difficult.

A Few Things

I got my haircut last night. It’s been a while. My head feels nice and cool now though. The stylist was smokin’, I was too intimidated to carry a conversation.

My microwave broke down on me last night. Right in middle of warming up some left over pizza for dinner. I ended up having to use the stove. This took a little longer but made it so the crust wasn’t all rubbery.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a couple of dollar bills in my wallet with the web address on it. At this website you register the serial number of that particular bill in order to track it where ever it may go. An email alert lets you know if anyone has found the bill and entered it into their database. Two days later, 58 miles away in Colorado Springs, somebody came across one of the three bills I started and entered it.

In other sad news: Apparently Elliot Smith has died. It totally doesn’t surprise me that he stabbed himself in the chest.

Because I was out of clean boxers yesterday, I wore tighty-whiteys to work. This is the last time that will happen. If I’m ever caught in the same situation again, I’m going commando or just wearing dirty boxers.