2007: The Year In Cities & Towns

Taking a cue from Jason Kottke, this is a list of cities and towns I’ve visited in 2007. One or more nights spent in each place. Those cities marked with an * were visited multiple times on non-consecutive days. Travel for me this year was about average for my life. Most of it was for fun but there were a few work trips stuck in there too.

Vail, CO
Edwards, CO*
Denver, CO*
Boulder, CO*
Ft. Worth, TX
Snow Bird, UT
Poipu, HI
Honolulu, HI
Manhattan, NY*
Saucacus, NJ
Jacksonville, FL
Atlanta, GA

Thanking New York: Days Three & Four

Day three was spent in apathy, on the couch, working (poor word choice) off the over indugances from the day before.

We did manage to hit up the wonderful Borough. This restaurant is aiming its services at those interested the new locavore trend. All of the ingredients are locally grown and produced in New York City and used to create dishes inspired by the five boroughs. Green and delish.

On Sunday we went and a homemade brunch and pleasant morning visiting friends and relatives we headed down to Columbus Park to play Soccer.

We started that evening off at the Cub Room (which is nice but pretty unmentionable) for cocktails and then headed down the street for sushi at Blue Ribbon Sushi. From the time you walk up to the non descript restaurant front, to walking down into the little cubby hole entrance, to the impressive line of sushi chefs, you know you have stumbled upon something special. The sushi was outrageous in the best way possible. Lilly Allen eats there seven times a week. I had the pleasure of trying box style sushi (mackerel) and jellyfish sushi – two things that you can’t find in Denver (if you know otherwise, I’d love to find out about it). We finished the night off at with a couple of drinks at a bar I can’t remember the name of (too many Karin Ichiban) where we were entertaining enough for the bartender to buy us a round.

The next day I flew back to Denver thankful to have experienced a culinary New York, but also just as thankful to be home.

Thanking New York: Day Two

I had a slow leisurely morning on my second day in NYC. Taking time to enjoy my coffee, finish my book, and have a nice breakfast. Then I jumped headfirst into the chaos that is Times Square on Black Friday.


I relieved my crowd-induced-anxiety by heading over to Madison Square Park where I enjoyed the, well-disputed-best-burger-in-New-York-City, at the Shake Shack. I was a little surprised they were actually open this late in the season.

After that it was off to have a look at two of my favorite buildings in the city. The Flat Iron building
And the American Radiator building.

Afterwards I headed over to the Freemans. I wanted to check out this little secret gem hidden away in an ally of the LES. It was cool, but veering on too cool. I stayed for a couple of beers before heading to Lorely for a tall glass of German suds and the meeting of friends and family.

Then it was off to our big dinner. For reasons I won’t get into we had a “break the bank” expense budget that had to be spent and it was my girlfriend’s parents 40th anniversary. We also had reservations at Perry St. This was a Jean-Georges Vongerichten (his blog) joint. He’s is probably one of the most famous chefs in NYC. And this was probably the best meal I ate all year (and probably in the top ten meals I’ve eaten ever). We went haywire in this place ordering several appetizers, all kinds of special cocktails, desserts, wines and entrees (grilled tenderloin of beef with herbal spinach and liquid gruyere for me). It was wonderful for everyone. The restrooms were out of toilet paper though. Not the type of thing you’d expect from a place like this.

Afterwards we to Turks & Frogs which I believe was having a sewage problem. I have no idea why we stayed there so long but the experience was disappointingly if not for the company. We quickly scuttled over to The Otheroom. This place was great. The music was perfect all night, the atmosphere was fun, dim and cozy, the people were really cool, the women were hot and the men were gay (mostly). We stayed here till about three am.

Our adventure home included three taxi rides, a car accident, the new jersey transit system, some tears, getting list in Secaucus, and a $60 cab fair. Ouch.

Jacksonville, Funida

It has been nearly three weeks and I never wrote about my trip to Florida. Well, about three weeks ago I went to Florida. For a short week. To celebrate my mothers 60th birthday. This is the first time I had been out there since my mother moved there about a-year-and-a-half ago. It was a great trip that mostly involved tons and tons of beach time. Mostly large wave beach time that was perfect for body surfing and boogie boarding in. We had a great sushi dinner for my mom’s birthday. There was tons of drinking going on all weekend, and plenty of fun was had by all. More fun than I am aloud to talk about on this blog. Which also made things very interesting. Downers included the loss of my wallet and an unexpected overnight stay in a very dumpy hotel in Atlanta. But this is how I roll.

BIG Candle

Old Man And The Sea


Surfs Up

Whatcha Whatcha Whatcha Want?

Red Rocks Couple

Caught a great Beastie Boys show at Red Rocks last night. I was pretty impressed with the whole crew but it was Mix Master Mike that blew me out of the water. He made each of their songs sound brand spankin’ new. Even instantly recognized songs like “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” were reworked with different beats to create a song that was fresh yet familiar. You can tell the boys were having a lot of fun and relishing their time on stage and that can really make or break a show to me.

Sunset At Redrocks

Whatcha Want

I also forgot to mention I was in Salt Lake last week for business and got to stay at the wonderful Snowbird Cliff Lodge. I also made my first ever visit to an Ikea store. To describe it in a word – overwhelming.

Inclined To, Characterized By, Or Inciting To Lust Or Lechery; Lascivious.

City Lights

I can’t quite place my finger on it. It might be the slightly sticky sort of dirtiness. Or maybe it’s the wonderful food constantly titillating the taste buds. It may be the tall buildings that give a dizzy vertigo when I crook my head skyward. Or it could be the throngs of incredibly good looking people smartly dressed and not afraid to flaunt it. Possibly it’s the slight whiff of danger or excitement that builds as the night sets in. But there is no doubt that there is something inherently sexy, almost lewd, and downright erotic about New York City.

My short vacation there didn’t last nearly long enough. The last time I was there I checked a whole bunch of things off my tourist list. This time is was much more relaxed and real, yet much shorter. Despite it’s quickness this trip taught me a few things about Manhattan that I didn’t learn before.

  • NY pizza isn’t always NY style pizza and not always what you would expect out of it.
  • You really don’t want to see it all.
  • New Yorks finest don’t look kindly on turnstyle hoppers. AT ALL. But that can’t catch you if they can’t see you.
  • Three hot dogs from three different places in three days is not considered a challenge in NYC.
  • I can drink more in the city.
  • Scalping tickets, under a subway track, from a sketchy dude in the Bronx, is not the same as doing it anywhere else.
  • The girls can shop forever in SoHo. For real.
  • Manhattan is one giant street fair on Memorial Day weekend.
  • Skirts are shorter here. I need to spend more time in the (dirty) south.
  • Areo beds aren’t so bad. In fact they’re good.
  • Not much beats properly prepared Eggs Benedict for brunch. Except a plate of bacon of course.
  • You can seriously get run over by a car, bus, train if you aren’t paying attention.
  • There are more different types of bars and clubs here than I’ll ever really comprehend.
  • Damn, I got it shooting out of both pant legs just thinking about it!

    Hawaii Day 1: Go!

    Coral Runway

    Hawaii Shoreline

    It’s hard to believe that I was in sunning it up on the beaches of Hawaii last week. It all seems like a dream at this point.

    We arrived in Honolulu and then caught another flight to Kauai. The Honolulu airport has an outdoor garden that is inside of security and is a great place to sit around for an hour and work on your base tan while waiting for your next flight. Since go! airlines moved into the market a few years ago, inter-island flights have dropped to just $40 (from over $100) making island hopping actually feasible and not just a luxury. We flew Hawaiian Airlines and they were even more competitive, plus each flight comes with a free cup of guava juice. Bonus! But they put one of our bags on the wrong flight. Bonus negative.

    After arriving in Kauai we dropped off our bags at our room and headed straight for the beech. When you live in landlocked Colorado, beach time becomes gold and you hoard all of it you can.

    After a little bit of swimming and exploration of our resort and beaches we headed out to Roy’s for dinner. Roy’s is something that you only want to do when your in Hawaii. In Hawaii, where the restaurant actually started, they are the actually Roy Yamaguchi’s restaurants. On the mainland they are some sort of conglomeration put together with Outback Steakhouse Restaurants Inc. and are not the same thing. In fact, there used to be a Roy’s in Cherry Creek but it went out of business. Anyway, my meal was delicious and I’d suggest it to anyone who is in Hawaii and is willing to fork out the bucks.