A Long Weekend Done Short

I guess five entries a month just isnít worth even bothering with. So Iíll throw this one in here and make it an even six. This way weíre all happy. Or I am anyway.

Thanksgiving was nice. I spent the afternoon at my momís with my brother and pandy and the traditional butterball. Afterward we went to visit my Grandma. She wasnít able to join us at my momís house. Itís too early for her to leave the alz. Unit. After that I went up to Gís parents. I didnít get there till eight so dinner was all finished but there was plenty of wine still flowing.

Friday I went and saw Alexander the great. It was more like Alexander The Great Piece Of Shit. Donít waste your time. Please, please, please donít waste your money. It was terrible. I fell asleep twice. I may start boycotting Oliver Stone.

After the movie G and I met my brother and Pandy over at my pops house for the Day After Thanksgiving Meal, or The Second Thanksgiving In A Divorced Family Dinner. The dinner was wonderful. My dad made his Seafood Medley which I love (The turkey was really good too mom!). Afterward we played Chicken Foot. I didnít really dominate. I came out in the middle of the pack. Oh, how hubsish of me.

Saturday I sat around on the couch all morning and then came into work. Iím really giving it a good go here. What do you do when on thin ice? Stop and listen to the crackles and look for a thicker area of the lake or do you skate as fast as you can. Iím flying man.

That night G and I went over to a friendís house to play cards. It was my first time playing spades. It was ruough. I think I may have gotten a little grumpy. Thatís what happens I guess.

On Sunday I slept in, grabbed a burger at the Handle Bar and Grill. It wasnít really all of that. I finished off the long weekend the way any semi-intelligent, warm blooded, halfhearted American would Ė with trash TV.

Giving Thanks.

Un Homme Et Une Femme

On Friday I went to Red & Jerryís. Itís one of those ďsuper fun centersĒ. Except instead of bowling, putt putt golf, and laser tags, it has off-track gambling, thugs, and terrible service. We went their for Chancs birthday. He rented out one of the poolrooms (billiards, not the hole filled with water) and had about 50 friends and family over. It was pretty fun. I spent most of the evening sitting on a brick wall with a new friend Kara. We pretty much sat there and made fun of everyone in between telling jokes and being as dirty as possible. I got gum on my pants by sitting on the brick wall. This gum later got transferred onto Gís nice leather couch. This caused a little drama but was remedied on Sunday night. After the birthday party I went over to Gís and sat around and talked with a few of her friends. G then talked me into going over to Chancís house for his ďafterpartyĒ. It was fun but I didnít feel like staying out till 3:30 in the morning.

On Saturday afternoon me and A.P. went golfing at Inverness. I was a really nice course and both A.P. and I played pretty good. We played $0.50 (when did they take the ďcentĒ sign off of keyboards? What did they replace it with?) skins and it all ended up in a tie. Itís always nice hanging around A.P., especially now that we donít get to see each other as often.

That night I met a bunch of friends out at the Red Room. I shoved down one of those Red Rooster Cogburns which was delish. This is surprising cause that place has really gone down hill since itís remodel. The menu has really gone down hill: itís too expensive and most of the food is crappy. Normally the service there is pretty good, but on this night in particular it was for crap. After a quick meal and drink, we all headed out to the Wilco show at the Fillmore. I didnít know much about these guys going into the show but it was pretty good. The bad was pretty talented. They have a strange cult-like following that I couldnít really peg down. I must be spending too much time seeing all this indie crap. Why havenít the hippies jumped all over Wilco yet? I guess Theyíre not noodley enough.

On Sunday, G her father and I went to the Denver Ski Expo. This is a great way to get yourself all psyched up for the coming season. I canít believe I walked out without buying anything.

That evening I watched A Man And A Women, which was a great love story. The surplus of driving scenes and the spatial dialogue combine with the style if cinematography made it seem like a French version of The Graduate without the adultery. And in slow motion.