Suckerbowl Weekend

A leisurely trip up to Vail with my brother, sister-in-law, and G, made for a real wind-down type of weekend. Of course, a happy hour on Friday with a handful of friends started things out just right. We were able fit in some shopping at the outlet stores in Silverthorn on the way in addition to a lunch at the Dam Brewery. A lot of the time was spent making fun of terrible movies and figuring out how to perfect a panini (I think were getting close).

The highlight was the skiing of course. The runs were wide open because everyone was at home getting ready to watch the suckerbowl and drink ranch dressing. When we arrived back at the condo there was a keg party in the lobby, so, double bonus for us. Below is a video of skiing last weekend at Keystone. We slide down snowy mountains as much as we can during these winter months.

What Do You Do On Date Night?

Cubbies vs Rockies :: Coors Field, Denver

Last Friday was date night. What do you do on date night? Go to the movies and then come home and make out, of course. Or miniature golf and heavy petting. We opted for the movies.

Saturday I went and visited my Grandma. She seemed to be doing better than usual. Which is scary because I know it can change on a dime and will ultimately make me more sad. But it’s great when I’m there and she seems to be alright (despite knowing the truth). So it was an enjoyable visit. Saturday night was sushi with my bro and his girl at The Sushi Boat (cool river, lame atmosphere, good sushi).

Sunday we tried out the over-hyped Snooze. Then we headed to the Rockies vs. the Cubbies game where I was torn with whom to cheer for.


My weekend started off with a Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains, a super band consisting of Les Claypool (Primus), Brain (Praxis), Buckethead (Guns N Roses), and Bernie Worrell (Parliament Funkadelic). The show was great, they played a really long session, had some wonderful solos, a couple of good covers and it was basically a full-on freak show. I went with A.P., my bro, Pandy, and a bunch of friends and I think we all had a blast. Opening the show was Gabbylala. She put on a great show playing all kinds of instruments; look for her album in 2005.

I slept in on Saturday consisted of yard work (raking leaves) and lazing around. I am still on the verge of a cold so I went to sleep early. By the way, that new doublemelt pizza thing from Dominoes is disgusting. Don’t try it. The chicken kickers, however, are wonderful.

On Sunday I ran a bunch of errands and then we had a pumpkin carving party. The weather was perfect to sit in the backyard with all the leaves falling around us making jack-o-lanterns. It was tons-o-fun and we have a whole bunch of freshly roasted and liberally salted pumpkin seeds to boot.

Pretty Funny In Addition To Being Pretty Stupid

It was a relatively uneventful weekend. On Friday after work I went over to my brothers and because Soph was in town. We ordered chinese food and watched the debates. We all got into a pretty good argument about racism again. Afterward I went over to G’s were we sat around and bullshitted till all of her friends left then danced around her living room till 3 in the morning.

Saturday I headed down to the outlet stores in Castle Rock and purchased the most wonderfully ugly pair of shoes in all of Cole Haahn. We also stopped by the animal shelter and got a consultation to introduce Henry to another cat. Does anyone have any experience introducing a new cat to a cat that lives with you? Was it successful? That night I sat around and watched Wet Hot American Summer which was pretty funny in addition to being pretty stupid.

On Sunday I slept in and ran errands most of the day, nothing exciting at all. I fixed a great Moroccan ground lamb dinner and then watched Mean Girls which also was pretty funny in addition to being pretty stupid.

What It’s all About

G’s Birthday Cake, Denver

Friday was all about holding babies and eating greasy hamburgers from the Candlelight.

Saturday was all about cleaning the house (pre party), seeing my old friend Crazy Dr. Pete on a surprise visit from Seattle, G’s 30th birthday party, and whooping it up.

Sunday was all about cleaning the house (post party), a quick trip to the mall, a meal with new friends (cabbage rolls but they had a funny name) and sleeping on the couch.

The last three sentences were all about this past weekend.

This Little Piggy Went To Steamboat

A Lake Just Outside Of Town, Steamboat, Colorado

It was another weekend spent in the mountains. This time we headed up to Steamboat for the 4th annual pig roast. We got up there on Friday night and after a large plate of Szechuan at the Canton. We headed over to Mahogany Ridge. I was looking forward to hearing a Grateful Dead/Metallica cover band but was disappointed by some salsa crap. I don’t mind a little salsa music, but when you are expecting the incredible blend of heavy & hippy, salsa simply doesn’t satisfy.

Saturday morning we grabbed a bite at Winonas. I highly suggest this place. Everything we had was great. I had the Lox Omelet (being Yom Kippur and all), which was delicious. Don’t forget to get one of the cinnamon rolls that are larger than your head and literally ooze with icing.

Mad Creek Hiking Trail, Steamboat

Mad Creek Hiking Trail, Steamboat

Mad Creek Hiking Trail, Steamboat

After breky, we went up hiking at Mad Creek. We had a quick, but beautiful, 3 mile, in-and-out hike. If you haven’t been reading the annex lately, I’m getting into this whole leaf changing thing and the higher elevations in Colorado are perfect for some peeping. After the hike it was down to Strawberry Park for a soak. Strawberry Park is also another really cool place were natural hot springs and some incredible masonry/stonework divides a naturally running river into separate cells with varying water temperatures.

The 4th Annual Steamboat Pig Roast, Steamboat

The 4th Annual Steamboat Pig Roast, Steamboat

The pig roast was a blast. Thanks to everyone in steamboat for their hospitality. There was a fun and generous group of people (the bus driver for Crosby, Stills & Nash excepted) up there who hooked us up with beds, beer, entertainment, a bon fire, dinner and laughs. Not to mention a pig.

The Cheap Decadence Of Nature

Rock Outcroppings, Mount Margaret Trail, Red Feathers Lakes

Rock Outcroppings, Mount Margaret Trail, Red Feathers Lakes

Changing Aspens, Mount Margaret Trail, Red Feathers Lakes

Stormy Clouds, Mount Margaret Trail, Red Feathers Lakes

Stormy Clouds, Mount Margaret Trail, Red Feathers Lakes

I had to take advantage of one of the last warm (really) weekends of the year and head up to the high country for some hiking and sitting around the campfire again.

But first on Friday after work I went and grabbed a bite at El Noa Noa for a big ole Super Burrito. The fair was mediocre the atmosphere was top-notch, (a trend among Mexican restaurants in Denver is that atmosphere in inversely correlated to how good the food actually is) particularly the patio. Afterward I watched Splendor, which was terrible and predictable. I fell asleep about half way.

On Saturday, after sleeping in and doing a couple of chores, I headed up to the Red Feather Lakes region to meet my brother and Pandy and do some camping (specifically at the Belleaire Lake Campground). After arriving we all walked down to Bellaire Lake to do some fishing. It sucked because the fish were jumping all over the place. You could literally see them jumping into the air grabbing flies. There were constant ripples in the lake. The guy next to us caught 7 or 8 fish. The guy next to him caught 6 or seven. The guy next to him caught several more. My brother and I didn’t catch shit. Ooops, I take that back. My brother caught a crawdad on one of his worms. After a discouraging day of fishing we all went back and cooked up some dinner and sat around the camp fire and told stories.

On Sunday after waking up, fixing breakfast and tearing down camp we all headed out to the Mt. Margaret Trail system to hike around and rock climb (boulder). The hike was really easy but had several large, unique, rocky outcroppings, which made for great scrambling and bouldering. Fortunately, we barely beat a storm out. After the hike we had a late lunch at the Ever Open Cafe in Ft Collins. After heading home, napping and washing up we met my Dad and his wife out for some dinner.
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Hubs’ Fun Weekend Twelve Step Program

Step one – Leave work early
Step two – Meet G, brother, Pandy and Pandy’s mom for dinner and drinks at Magiannos (thanks Linda!)
Step three – Nightcappers at Lounge
Step four – Sleep in till eleven
Step five – Head up to boulder for a “stock the bar party”
Step six – Slowy unstock the bar throughout the night
Step seven – Head over to the Atomic Cowboy for a birthday party
Step eight – Go to Pete’s Kitchen for a late night paddy melt
Step nine – Sleep in till eleven
Step ten – Go to the Rockies last home game of the season
Step eleven – Spend all afternoon in one of the tents at Mao’s eating sushi at discount
Step twelve – Finish the weekend off with a couple of $1 PBR’s at the Shamrock