Roughing It

Refreshing the feet, Cataract Lake, Eagles Nest Wilderness

I went up camping for the first time in a couple of years over this past weekend. Granted, I’ve been up in the mountains hiking around and skiing uncountable times. I just haven’t spent the night. So I loaded up the car with my brother, Pandy, and a bunch of her friends from school. We headed up to the Gore Range.

Elliot Creek Campground, Green Mountain Reservoir

We all had a little trouble finding a camping spot that we liked but we finally settled on a campground near Green Mountain Reservoir. It was a decent site with a few trees for shade, plenty of room for all of our tents, a fire ring, and wasn’t crowded.

Masturbate & Tackle, Green Mountain Reservoir

Bro Fishing, Cataract Lake, Eagles Nest Wilderness

Grilled Cheese & Franks Dinner, Elliot Creek Campground

When camp was a set up we headed up the road to get some worms and do some fishing. After a very unsuccessful evening of fishing, we gathered up some wood (most of wich was purchased at the bait shop back in town) and started the fire. The reminder of the night we proceeded to drink beer, eat way too many fire hot franks and spin plenty o’ yarn bullshit. Late in the night we did a little more fishing of the full moon type, again unsuccessfully.

Nightscape, Elliot Creek Campground
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Wasted Youth

I felt bad coming into work this morning. Not because I didn’t want to be there. In fact, I’m looking forward to today because I’m going to cut out early in order to go golfing this afternoon. No, work has nothing to do with it. I felt bad because I completely wasted the weekend and didn’t even realize how big of a waste it was till I sat down in my little cube this morning. Oh well. It was relaxing anyway. I had lots of time on the couch. We like each other – me and my couch.

A highlight of the weekend was going over to Gijyun’s for a little off the wagon party. I invited along my brother and Pandy. It’s always interesting meeting other bloggers for the first time. This was no exception. Gijyun was really cool, our conversations flowed really easy and we were even often talking over each other, and my brother and Pandy (as well as myself) totally loved hanging around and getting to know her. Somehow we all ended up getting a little loud and we managed to piss off the neighbors which is always a bonus in my book. Anyway, I had a great time, thanks Gijyun.

Sleep, Chore, BBQ, Drink

God it was nice having a three-day weekend. This time around it’s not the three-day weekend that I treasure so much as the four-day workweek that follows it. I kicked off my long weekend early and left work at 1:00. I went to meet Sabrina at Pasquini’s. We split an early supper consisting of portabella mushroom pizza, pitchers of sangria and good conversation. Afterwards I headed home for a nap and a recharge before meeting Leber and the crew out for drinks at the uptown. To finish off a long day, I went and had a night capper at the hippy bar.

I slept in on Saturday and spent much of the morning napping. In the afternoon I went CD shopping and picked up a birthday present for A.P. That evening I went to A.P.’s surprise birthday party. It was a great time. I had been to maybe only two surprise birthday parties before then (one of them being mine) and they’re tons of fun. The building anticipation and excitement in the minutes before the party’s recipient arrives is wonderful. And it’s all the tension is released in a giant smile once they figure out what is going on. Well, that’s what happened in A.P.’s case anyway.

I slept in on again on Sunday because, naturally, that is what I do on weekends. And although I spent an hour or so doing laundry, I spent most of the morning trying to burn a CD. Every time it got to about the 5th song my stupid computer would peter out and I wouldn’t be able to get the CD made. I wasted about 4 hours and just as many blank disks and still never got the fucker working. In the evening I headed over to Lebers for another cookout. Another wonderful evening huddled around the chiminia drinking mai tais and eating burgers and hot dogs.

I slept in again on Monday (are you beginning to see a trend) and spent what little was left of the morning cleaning my bathroom, a chore I hate more than any next to doing the dishes. In the evening I headed over to my mom’s house for a steak and potato weekend wind-down.

I guess I could have just said work, drink, pizza, drink, sleep, chore, bbq, drink, sleep, chore, bbq, drink, sleep chore, bqq, sleep.

Rainy Day Weekends

Lot’s of good sleep, good times, and an hour mysteriously taken away at midnight on Saturday seemed to make the weekend fly by.

I headed over to my brothers on Saturday where I found out that our kickball game this Friday was canceled due to rain. I wasn’t that bummed, I just hope there is a make up game. In lieu of sports, my brother and me decided to go out and drink beer and play pool. We had a good time messing with the freaks at the Streets of London and ended up closing down the bar despite our inability to win a single game of pool the entire night.

I woke up on Saturday and cleaned up the apartment a bit. Afterwards I went and met the boys out at Wynkoop for some more pool. All my guy friends are married and their wives were attending a baby shower. So naturally they called me to join them in their afternoon out. When the baby shower ended all of their cell phones started ringing at the same time and it was time to go. I walked home afterwards cause I live close by.

I grabbed a burger on my way home and settled down to watch Dancer In The Dark. It was surprisingly good. I was already a fan of Bjork’s music (I don’t own any of her music but I like it) but was surprised by her acting ability. I’m usually not a fan of musicals but this one gets my recommendation. Not spectacular, but enjoyable.

On Sunday I unintentionally slept in not realizing it was daylight savings day. I spent the morning watching trashy MTV shows, doing laundry, and finishing my book. Later in the afternoon my brother came over to jump my car because I had inadvertently left the lights on the day before. After that I drove around the neighborhood for a while trying to recharge the battery and looking for houses for sale. Afterwards I met some friends a newly visited restaurant for dinner.


I’m fried. Literally and figuratively.

I went up to Winter Park for a ski/cook out. Spring skiing is the best for this. I had friends that reserved parking spots at the base of the mountain so we can ski down to our bbq spot. When I arrived a cop was guarding the “full-lot barricade” making sure nobody else tries to park there.

“Hey buddy, mind if I pull in real quick and drop off some bbq supplies to my friends. They got here earlier and I just want to dump some stuff off to them,” I said. He looked at me, trying to read my face and then over to his partner as if to say, “Should I let this punk get away with his bullshit?” Then he steps back and eyes my car up and down, noticing the cracked bumper, both broken tail lights, and web of cracks along the windshield.
“What are you driving?” he asks.
“Oh this. This is just a Mazda Protege. A ’91,” I reply knowing the there is no way he could be impressed with this.
“Come on in. You’ve been expected.” He says without smiling while lifting up the road block barricade.

I felt like some sort of VIP pulling up to our cookout. About 15-20 good friends. A couple of portable grills and enough hamburgers, hotdogs, beans, pickles, beer and rice crispy treats to feed an army. Sunny, 60 degree weather, and lots of sun screen. Slushy snow, t-shirts and bumps all morning long. It was a great day and left me tired and sunburnt.

That night, after napping for an hour or two I went over to Lebers for more cookout and a bunch of Lebers perfectly created Mai Tais. The I went over another friends and crashed the after perfect circle party they were having. I ended up staying up way too late again.

Sunday I spent getting more sunburnt and lazing the day away.

So Good It’s Sickening

Today I feel like complete ass. Head cold, tired, plugged up and runny at the same time. You know, The Goomba.

I felt it coming on Friday. But the cold didn’t bother me too much then. I was at work till about 8:30 Friday night due to computer malfunctions in the morning. So after work, I went to the local 7-11, got a gas station burrito. Went home and ate said burrito, then quickly fell asleep. No time to deal with colds.

I woke up early on Saturday and headed up in to the mountains as soon as I could. I met Leber and his wife at Winter Park for a day of skiing. It was another perfect spring ski day and the conditions were great. Tons of sunshine and not enough sunscreen. No burn fortunately. The snow was hard in the morning and slushed up real nice by about noon. It was a hard day though because Leber’s lady wanted to ski the bumps all day. Were not sure what got into her but she was tearing it up. After skiing we headed to their condo in Granby. After relaxing and cleaning up a little, Lebers father in law took us all out to dinner and Deno’s Mountain Bistro were I had an absolutely terrible Chicken Cordon Bleu (however, I’ve eaten here before and had some great meals so all is not yet lost for this place). Afterward we went back to Leber’s and watched Shcool Of Rock which was surprisingly enjoyable. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to handle two hours of Jack Black but it all turned out ok because the movie was only an hour and forty-eight minutes long.

On Sunday I woke up early and drove back into Denver. When I got home it was time for me to pick up my brother and head over to my dad’s. From my dad’s we went to “cousin Liz’s”. Liz isn’t really my cousin but everyone in my family calls her that. However, we went over there to visit my actual cousin Kim and her kiddies. They were taking a break in town while moving from Washington to Oklahoma. Most of the time we went to the park and played with Kim’s 6 yr old, Owen, and 2-year-old, Pierce. It was tons of fun. I haven’t spent a spring day playing in the park in a real long time.

After visiting with Kim for a few hours we all went to dinner at Jax Fish House which was wonderful despite having to cancel our order of oysters.

It was a really nice weekend filled with friends, family, food, sport and play. And it made me sick.

Winter Weekends

Friday I worked a little late into the evening and spent a quiet evening at home. I watched How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days. It was cute, laughable, fodder to wind down my week. I can appreciate an occasional fun chick flick despite how generally contrived and predictable it was.

I was up (relatively) early on Saturday and headed up into the mountains for a day of skiing. I met up with A.P. and his wife and the two kids. We all ate an early lunch together and then went out to the carpet lift to play with the kids and teach them how to ski. The boy popped out before he even got his skis on but the girls were gung ho and couldn’t get enough. It was great getting a four-year old and a six-year old interested in the sport. Both me and A.P. agreed the whole secret to getting the youngsters started is just making sure they stay warm and are having fun. Most of the skills and athletics come later. At first you just have make sure they want to come back. Afterward me and A.P. went to take some turns on our own. We got about four additional hours skiing the ‘S’ lift at Copper Mountain. Traditionally, one of our favorite areas. It snowed most of the afternoon and this made for some good skiing but it also made traffic a bear. It took me two hours to get up to the mountain in the morning and three hours to get back. It was a long day.

I spent most of Sunday running errands, grocery shopping, watching TV, and reading. I was a pleasant weekend for a change.


On Saturday I picked up my brother and Pandy and we headed up into the mountains. We reached Copper Mountain at about 11:00 and skied till about 3:30. I was a beautiful, 15 spf, cloudless, electricbluesky day. The snow got a little hard towards the end of the day when everything cooled off but overall it was a great day. We spent most of the day doing cruisers as Pandy has only been skiing around five times, but she loves it.

We then headed over the pass deeper into the Rockies to Vail. We met my mom at her condo then freshened up and headed into town. Vail was really pretty with all of their Xmas lights up still and it was really nostalgic for me as I used to go up there every year with the family and spend time with my grandparents. It was weird how many absolutely beautiful people there were in that town. It was like Hollywood, with more furs coats. There wasn’t an ugly person in the entire place. It sickened and delighted all of us. We ate some Mexican and drank margaritas and people watched at Los Amigos (menu).

On Sunday we went skiing on vail mountain. My mom hadn’t been skiing in about 15 years, I hadn’t skied with my brother for probably about 13 years, and I’d never skied with Pandy, so it made for a really enjoyable day. Not to mention it snowed all day long and we got about 6-8 inches of powder to ski in all day. So when my brother and I split off from the girls to go ski the bowls, we had a blast. Visibility was terrible, however, and we both got frightened a bit when we first entered the backside cause it was whiteout conditions and we were very unfamiliar with the terrain (at one point we almost skied over a cliff). There was no way to gauge distance in the blowing snow so it was hard to tell if I was seeing 20 feet in front of me or 80 feet. We ran into some snowboarders who wanted to ski with us for safety reasons. We ran into another group of three skiers and chatted with them when we heard somebody yelling for help somewhere back in the snow beyond sight. Luckily one of the other guys had a radio and was able to call for help. The weather cleared up after about an hour and made for a great powder ski day, though. Driving home sucked, however, and I wasn’t back at my apartment till 8:30 on Sunday, exhausted from two days of skiing and a three-hour drive. What a great weekend.