Day Two: Skidding In Cars

Saturday was spent sleeping in, watching some tube, and running errands and hanging out with friends. We then headed up to Lionsgate for the wedding. The wedding was great. It was held outside and the weather ended up being perfect. The reception was a blast. There was a live band, the buffet actually tasted pretty decent, and I got to see lots of new and old friends.

I drove the bride and groom from the reception to the hotel in the groom’s father’s Buick GSX. At departing time everyone was gathered around the car. I loaded the bride and groom into the backseat to chants of my name as everyone had expected me to “lay a bunch of rubber” and “smokeout” that “musclecar”. I had a little trouble finding the keys as they were put on the seat and not left in the ignition as I was told. Meanwhile everyone outside of the car everyone is drunk and screaming, some of them yelling “yeah hubs!”. I start the engine. Then while the engine is running, with a sharp, grinding, pierce, I start the engine again. The crowd roars with laughter and I begin to get really nervous. I rev the engine for a little while longer, trying to figure out how I’m going to avoid the minvan and the guest house that are in front of me, and still “peelout”. The girls love a man who can peel-out and now was my chance. So I pressed on the brakes and held them down about half way, then I pressed on the accelerator, hard. I slowly crept forward about fifty feet but the wheels never began to slip so I let off the accelerator. The car then came slamming to a halt and the bride and groom came flying out of their seats in back and bounced off the front seats. I then slowly drove out of the parking lot with everyone inside and outside of the car laughing.

I ended up getting that car up to about 120 MPH at the suggestion of the groom. “This thing can easily get to 140 MPH hubs. And nobody will ever pull over a ‘just married’ car with cans hanging off the back,” he told me. I think he just wanted to get a few excited and thrilled giggles out of his new bride while making out in the back seat of his dads hotrod though. I indulged them. Congratulations Squiggly and Katy.

One thought to “Day Two: Skidding In Cars”

  1. As long as you don’t do it often, that’s the time for a “neutral drop”
    1) Put the car in neutral.
    2) Give it a little gas. Don’t take it above 2500 RPMs. You don’t want to destroy the Tranny.
    3) Drop it into gear.
    You’ll lay plenty of rubber. It’s very hard on the transmission, but doing it once or twice won’t hurt anything, as long as you don’t rev it too high… But that is such a bad-ass ride.

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