Erev Pesach

Last Wednesday contained quite a few firsts for me. I attended my first Passover Seder. I’m not much of a religious man but I enjoy the pageantry and ritual of most religions, regardless of their beliefs. Judaism is no exception. We had the homemade Haggadah and Seder Plate. There were about 25 friends and acquaintances seated at the table which made for a lively time. There was the Matzo, Gefilte Fish, and Matzo Ball Soup. All of which I had never experienced before. Of course there were the four cups of wine (what a wonderful tradition!) in addition to all the singing and merriment. The Seder lasted hours and went well into the night. Definitely a fun and very informative evening.

Vehegadeta levincha bayom hahu leymor ba’avur zeh asah Adonay li betzaysi miMitzrayim

3 thoughts to “Erev Pesach”

  1. Yoffi!!! Kol HaKvod!

    (loosely translated…awesome!! I’m proud of you!!)

    And major props for eating gefilte fish…I hate it and refuse to eat it. Matzoh ball soup is delish, however and the one thing I would always order from TooJays when I lived in FL.

  2. I didn’t think the Gefilte Fish was too bad. It tasted sorta like “fish meatloaf” to me. I wouldn’t buy it at the store but I’d eat it if it was on my plate.

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