Baby Sloth Yawning

Find The Name Of Your Inner Sloth

Ever since Kristen Bell’s emotional sloth breakdown people around the world have been discovering their inner sloth. The real sloth in you comes out when you are being super chill, or maybe sleeping. And of course that sloth in you is gonna need a name. An identity all its one. Find out what yours is.

Oh, and if you’re way behind the curve and are unsure about what a sloth actually is, this website should help you out. Loosely based on the awesome analog version created by BuzzFeeder Joel B.

Slothy McSlothersonGif via Nature Blogger

17 thoughts to “Find The Name Of Your Inner Sloth”

  1. I’ve always found sloths repulsive-looking, perhaps because they’re faces look so human, yet inhuman. And that baby is no exception–I try to see it as cute, but it’s just too weird!

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