Hubs’ Fun Weekend Twelve Step Program

Step one – Leave work early
Step two – Meet G, brother, Pandy and Pandy’s mom for dinner and drinks at Magiannos (thanks Linda!)
Step three – Nightcappers at Lounge
Step four – Sleep in till eleven
Step five – Head up to boulder for a “stock the bar party”
Step six – Slowy unstock the bar throughout the night
Step seven – Head over to the Atomic Cowboy for a birthday party
Step eight – Go to Pete’s Kitchen for a late night paddy melt
Step nine – Sleep in till eleven
Step ten – Go to the Rockies last home game of the season
Step eleven – Spend all afternoon in one of the tents at Mao’s eating sushi at discount
Step twelve – Finish the weekend off with a couple of $1 PBR’s at the Shamrock

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