It Was My Fault

Just some quick updates cause I don’t feel like writing much.

We lost our first game of ultimate last night. It was my fault. I wasn’t playing tight enough D. The guy I was covering scored the winning point. Oh well.

I had lunch with Sabrina today. We went to my favorite mexican restaurant: La Fiesta. I like going there to show off cause I’m kind of a regular. I know some of the wait staff and they have a hubs burrito (super burrito, beef & been, extra cheese, green chili, no tomato). Mmmmmmmm. Me and Sabrina touched on some issues of our past and such. She still seems a little bitter toward me and I know I’m still a little bitter towards her. And you can tell we both have some things we want to say but are not sure how. But, at the same time, it’s really nice being able to hang out together.

Have you ever played 20 questions to try to burn some time? This computer version is incredible. It got rubber ball in 26 guesses, pencil in 28, and star in 14. Give it a try if your waiting in line somewhere.

3 thoughts to “It Was My Fault”

  1. Its tough when things don’t work out, but as much as in a way it makes it harder, its a good thing when you still get along. Closure and all. Good for you and Sabrina. Sorry about the game, though! 🙁

  2. It was always weird with any of my exes, so I never did the “just friends” thing.

    A hubs burrito sounds very very good. However, they named a cut of meat after me.

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