Long & Lazy

Long and lazy the weekend was. I had a late night hamburger at the City Grille. Delish of course. Afterward I headed over to a friend-of-a-friends house. Had a bottle of wine and stayed up late chatting. Mostly about renewable energy, outer space, and doughnuts. On Saturday I slept in of course. Then I fell asleep reading. Then I fell asleep watching the Stealers. I was able to fit in some Pizza with friends before falling asleep for good (not for-good-for-good, but for good on Saturday). On Sunday we went to Gís cousinsí birthday party after spending about an hour at the mall. Have you ever tried getting a present for an 11-year-old girl? Impossible, really. I also watched some more of that trashy TV Iím addicted to. I had Sunday off and basically wasted it cause I hardly ever get a chance to watch daytime TV I had to lay on the couch for about 4 hours in the morning. I traded in my crock-pot for a food processor (+ $50! Damn!). Livin da big life yo!

Iíve decided I want my rapper name to be Mista Twista. If I canít have that, Iíll settle for toots.

4 thoughts to “Long & Lazy”

  1. i think renewable energy, outer space and doughnuts are all things that you could study at cgnu. i’m pretty sure that at least outer space (and probably renewable energy), is part of the total spaceship guy program.

    speaking anecdotally, 11 year old girls like taking things apart or throwing them off of balconies, but only in groups of 20 or larger, and only if the supervising adult is fun-loving and cute enough to have a pre-teen crush on. you possess both of these qualities my friend. i mean, normal size full grown people are also likely to have crushes on you as well. but you would level the competition for cutest r.a. at pretty much any summer camp where you worked. anyway, if you’re ever in that situation, you might want to swing by a local university dump to pick up some old throw-out computers. perfect for either activity.

    they also like riding in the back of my truck with some friend of mine in the front seat, and telling stories about how their parents used to own crook’s corner in carrboro, nc. this is a difficult situation to recreate, however, and is somewhat uncomfortable to talk about, even though i swear this happened to me and there was nothing creepy about it although i can’t remember the girl’s name nor who the other person in the truck was, begging the question “how did you obtain an 11 year old girl?”. of course, when you ask the question like that it’s going to seem creepy.

    a few years back i watched the u.s. play germany in a world cup soccer match. since it was being played in korea, the game was being broadcast here at 7am. i met some friends at an irish bar (and by irish bar i mean “american lucky charms ta-hooo deodorants irish spring wannabe bar”, not “just had a bloody head wound match of gaelic football and am now merrily drinking with the very people i mamed no more than an hour ago bar”). we all had guiness and traditional irish breakfast. there was a woman there who got a special order or cheese fries with bacon made, and was drinking from her own six pack of miller lite, at 7am. pppprrrrrrrrrr.

  2. twista is already used but mista twista is mine for the taking. it’s unfortunate that toots is already used as well. it’s hard to be an o.g. in this day and age.

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