Mardi Gras

So yesterday was Fat Tuesday. I guess that makes today Ash Wednesday. I’m not sure what any of this means but I do know that yesterday I was supposed to go out and drink a bunch of hurricanes. I failed to do even that. Mostly because of laziness.

On Saturday I went to Pandy’s Madri Gras party though. It was a lot of fun. I’ve been to all kinds of parties, but this was my first definate mardi gras party. She had the place decorated to the nines with streamers and banners, mardi gras lights, beads for everyone, masks for everyone, and a king cake. I found the baby in the king cake. I’m hoping that it will bring me some luck. I could use it right now.
Mardi Gras Party Go’ers :: Denver
Mardi Gras Party Go’ers, Denver

Me And My Mardi Gras Party Mask :: Denver
Me And My Mardi Gras Party Mask, Denver

The King Cake Baby
The King Cake Baby

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  1. ash wednesday marks the beginning of the end for jesus, more or less. one time, my never-been-exposed-to-any-church-service ex-girlfriend couldn’t figure out how so many people in her office managed to get toner smudges on their heads. being a recovering catholic, i was able to explain that the smudges were actually ash smeared in the shape of a cross, and then, in an unrelated move, we broke up a little later.

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