Mellow, Pleasant Weekend

I had a nice weekend. Nothing too exciting lots of movies and more skiing, it was nice. I left work early and met Leber and his Fiance at the hogback. From there we carpooled up to his condo in Granby. We got a few beers and some french onion soup at Solvista.

On Saturday we went skiing at Winterpark. The snow was incredible. Definitely the best I’ve skied all year. We skied a long day then retired back to Leber’s condo. Some additional friends met us there and fixed us a huge meal of spaghetti, meatballs, sausage, salad, asparagus, garlic bread, beer, and wine. And we watched Saving Private Ryan. Three of the five people in the room cried.

On Sunday we drove back into town and I went over to my mom’s for lunch. I watched The Virgin Suicides and caught up on the latest war news. It was a mellow, pleasant weekend.

2 thoughts to “Mellow, Pleasant Weekend”

  1. No tears this time. I had seen it before. The greater emotion evoked from watching it was a weird type of anger towards the girls for inviting the boys over to witness their self destruction. I’m by no means lachrymose but i’m not afraid to shed a tear at a movie if i can relate to it enough. Or if it’s emotionally manipulative enough.

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