M&M Story

Once, whilst munching on a handful on m&m’s, I turned to my friend Uncle Squiggly (not a real uncle, just a nick name) and intending to throw an m&m into the air and catch it in my mouth, I said “Hey Squiggly, can you do this?” I then proceeded to tilt my head skyward and throw the m&m into the air. But instead of catching it in my mouth, it landed with a sticky thud in the little cleft of my upper lip, just below the tip of my nose. “No, I don’t think I can,” he replied.

5 thoughts to “M&M Story”

  1. That must have been embarasing.

    p.s. why won’t your comment form remember my info? i have to retype it every time even if i click the remember info box. blah.

  2. youre so talented.

    and yes. it wont remember my info either. but it will fill it out for me if i start it up.

  3. in your comments template for mt, for the line that says ‘var HOST = ‘.hubsville.com’;’, you need to get rid of the dot before hubsville. 🙂

  4. Thanks Reb. I got rid of the dot, hopefully it’ll start working now. If anyone notices that it doesn’t please let me. If it gets really annoying use the “individual entry” icon and your info should be remembered there.

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