MTV Dissapoints Once Again

Last night when I got home I turned on the TV. The channel was already tuned to MTV so I watched TRL while changing out of my work clothes. They were having a spelling contest with a very attractive female who looked about 29 yrs old. The woman was a Jr High teacher who had to spell ghetto rap words like Xzibit, Eminem, and Big Boi. She wasn’t able to get any of them right. I thought to myself, “Hot damn, it’s nice to know that there are a few attractive women out their that are in my demographic, poor spellers, and still appreciate MTV.” Then she started talking about the kids that she taught at school and how these kids now filled up the typical, hysterical and screaming audience. It was then that I realized she was only there cause her students were there, and my hopes and dreams were shattered.

4 thoughts to “MTV Dissapoints Once Again”

  1. This sounds like the beginning of one of those “How we met” stories.

    Hubs: I was waching MTV late one night, and I saw the most beautiful woman in the world…

    Her: Then I was walking down the street in Denver, and our eyes locked, and he said, “hey, I saw you on tv! Want to have dinner?”

  2. I like some of the new shows they have on there now, Made and that Famous face plastic surgery one. Of course all the girls just want bigger b*obs so it’s getting kind of boring.

  3. teahouse – i wish!

    cindy – nice to have you back cindy. that famous fac show absolutely digusts me on so many levels. but i do love a lot of the other trash they have on.

    satan – pimp my ride yo!

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