My Office

My Office, Uptown, Denver

This spring I bought a computer. A nice new Dell laptop with all the works. So loaded with the newest gadgets that it barely qualifies as a laptop. It’s more of a portable desktop. But it has one of those WiFi cards in it. Because of this, combined with the fact that I don’t have a landline let alone an internet provider, I’m constantly on the look out for hotspots. After scouring my neighborhood I found one on 17th Avenue, behind Williams Tavern. The link mentions the free brunch but fails to mention the free internet access. Anyway, last night I took a picture of my “office”; it’s that little patch of grass behind the dumpster. It’s from there that I have been replying to your emails, posting new entries, searching for cheap flights, and downloading porn all summer. Stop by sometime if you’re in the neighborhood. Though, now that the weather has cooled off a bit and the crack heads have found that little nook in the brick wall on the right, I haven’t been spending as much time there.

11 thoughts to “My Office”

  1. Good to know it’s the weather that’s pushing you inside and not the lingering smell of garbage. But I like the deco. You made the place look nice. The graffiti adds a nice homeboy touch.

  2. We should have a barbecue at your office. All we need to bring is booze. With the grill and dumpster right there, it’ll be easy cooking and even easier cleanup! Who’s with me?

  3. duuuude. i was playing cards and drinking cans of pbr with jess-kah and jon not but twenty feet from your office last night.

    you should’ve stopped in to say hi.

  4. crap, i knew i was supposed to go somewhere last night before i got engrossed in baseball and sports center.

    i like your office dumpster. not the prominent blue one but the tiny black one screaming for attention, hand waiving in air, in the background.

  5. Your spot is right around the corner from my office. NO wonder I thought it looked familiar. I am about 2 blocks from that spot right now!!

    So, when is the bbq?

  6. hubs, if we knew that was your office, we would’ve moved the crack gatherings to behind uptown tavern. sadly, the heroin junkies have that spot occupied now, so we don’t know where else to go.

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