My Plastic Me

Despite being absolutely exhausted yesterday, when I got a call from my brother to join him and Pandy for sushi, I couldn’t resist. I don’t know that I have ever turned it down before. We went to Sushi Heights which is, in my opinion, the best sushi restaurant in town. After chowing down on a bunch of sushi B combination platters and sake we headed over to my brother’s to lay around and digest.

We caught part of The Swan which was really just a laugh. We only saw two contestants but all of us agreed that they may be slightly “prettier” after the “makeover” but they looked a lot more “attractive” before it. I think these shows are utterly abhorrent but somehow intriguing. And have you guys seen this show about the kids who are going through plastic surgery in order to look like somebody famous. The girl who wanted to look like Britney Spears already looked like Britney Spears, she just got bigger tits. Maybe I’m just old but this shit disturbs me. And now there’s this eyeball jewelry.

10 thoughts to “My Plastic Me”

  1. Ha ha. I blew up that eyeball picture and set it as my wallpaper then had the guy next to me do it, although his was reversed, so if you stand back far enough it looks like a giant face with each eye looking different directions.

  2. OH MY! that IS disturbing. You know, I’m all for plastic surgery, but only if it is NEEDED. These teens getting it done is just wrong. Especially to look like Spears…. GAG!

  3. i heard about that eyeball crap on the radio. im glad you linked it… i was mildly curious. i think in a way it looks kinda neat.

  4. eyeball jewelry–I don’t know–i tried colored contacts once and I alsmost slawed my own eye out–so it is probably not for me. I am a FIRM believer in plastic surgery but I haven’t had any yet because I was born with all the goods. But as soon as they all start to head south I will definitely be seeing the good doctor in Beverly Hills.

    I feel sorry for really young beautiful girls that are so insecure they think they need surgery–I would understand if they actually NEEDED it–but the ones I see usually don’t.


  5. Never tried Sushi Heights. My favorite is Akebono in Sakura Square near Coors Field. Try the Akebono roll, unless you’re one of those sashimi snobs.

    I hate those plastic surgery shows too. People are sick.

  6. satan – creative!

    h – i agree h. i have no problem with plastic surgery that is needed. and really i don’t have too much of a problem with it as an enhancement or confidence booster. but these kids aren’t doing it to improve themselves – they’re doing it because they want to be somebody else. it’s just plain ole fucked-uped-ness.

    chevy – did you look at the part of the website that has pictures of the tools they use to implant it. barbaric.

    mellissa – unpleasently distracting if not unattractive.

    megan – you mean like poke around at it?

    jocelyn – i guess each of us have own definition of need.

    kilgore – i’m no sushi snob. like anything, i like the best i can afford though. i’m not afraid to try the “adventurous” peices either. i’ll try akebono. in fact i’ll try anywhere once (or twice) i do know that sedonas sucks and my mom found a bunch of hair in a piece of sushi at the sushi den.

    dayment – funny, cause i had it programmed in my cell phone, written on my wall calendar, in my bluetooth PDA, TIVO’d, programmed in my Outlook calander, and written on hand. i’ve detroyed all of them. i had to type this right handed.

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