Next To Me

Last night I went to a local bar grab some dinner (shrimp quessadilla) and a drink (bourbon and coke). Next to me at the bar was a couple on a dinner/bar date. The women was above average looking, very well-built with pretty, long, brown hair. The man was also well-built, expensively but smartly dressed, and very metropolitan looking. Things I learned from him:

  • Send back your meal cause you don’t like the way it tasted. This shows your date that you’re able to take control and be decisive – you knows what you wants and you knows how to get it *wink*.
  • But then keep on saying that you aren’t picky, that you usually eat anything, you hardly ever send stuff back.
  • Then proceeded to talk about what all of your ex-girlfriends thought of you.
  • Stare at the TV above the bar the whole time.
  • Start smoking before she is done eating dinner.

    Jackass. I couldn’t help but chuckle at them, even though I felt sorry for her. But at least he had a date I guess. On the other side of me were two beautiful girls that I didn’t have the nerve to say a single word to the whole time. Go hubs! You rock!

  • 7 thoughts to “Next To Me”

    1. That was you? You should have said “Hi”. And I put out that cigarette (in her drink) when I realized she was not yet finished eating.

    2. Girl on dinner date: (thinking) What the hell am I doing here with this jackass instead of that yummy guy over there? Look how secure he is. He doesn’t even feel the need to try and pick up on the beautiful girls next to him. I wish he’d come over, kick the jackass in the teeth and take me home.

    3. Ack, what a waste of male potential. I think I went out with that guy too. 😉

      Ye shall overcome. We all do at some point.

      p.s. Chevy, he wanted you to fuck him? He only pestered me for a blowjob. ha ha.

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