I’ve had various nicknames throught my life. Some good, some bad, some thoughtful, some random, some mean, some sweet, some just are. Below is a good representation of some of the more unique nicknames I have, or, have had been regularly called.

Hubs – This is my main nickname in real-life (and around here) and is as close as can be to an actual name without being one. Nearly everyone knows me as Hubs. Some only know me as Hubs. My friends introduce me at parties and other gatherings as Hubs. I respond to Hubs like it’s my given name. Some people also call my brother this but drop the ‘s’. I like it. I’ve been called it for as long as I can remember.

L-Train – I have no idea how I got this one. Only about two people at work call me this and one of them no longer works here.

Hotdog Boy – Last summer I would frequently (probably too frequently) visit the hot dog vendor in front of our office building for lunch. I’d bring my hotdogs back to my cube and stink up the whole office with the smell of onions, mutard, and tepip hotdog water.

Johnny Apple – This one came from a coworker who thought he heard something that wasn’t even actually said.

Hubby – A variation on Hubs. Mostly only used by a few females I know cause they think its cute. Other variations include Hubbalicious, Hubba-lubba-ding-dong, The Great Hubinski, Hubbles, and numerous others.

Bubbles – A variation on Hubbles

Monkeyhands – An affectionate nickname that is descriptive of my long “piano” fingers and my “grabbiness”.

Ernie – A variation of my middle name

Mr. Goodsuff – An affectionate nickname given to me after it was already given to a teddy bear.

Ponyboy – I got this nickname when I bleached my head with peroxide back in high school. Taken from the movie The Outsiders, when the character Ponyboy Curtis bleached is hair in order to hide from the long arm of the law.

My 11 Reasons – An affectionate nickname given to me that has to do with the number of letters in my name. “Why should I _________?” “I’ve got 11 reasons why. [then I proceed to spell my name]”. I loved this nickname and it worked like a charm.

Bones – As a child a neighborhood friend of my mom’s always called me this cause of how skinny I am. I hated it.

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  1. the thought of your monkey hands just made me get all tingly! whoo, baby!

    i do actually get called punkin by a small population of real-life people. i also get peanut, tiger (thanks, mom!), and insay becca–stemming from a story i told some friends years ago about how when i was a kid and couldn’t get out my whole name, lindsay rebecca. and let’s not forget lou lou, lee, louise…

    i’m a nickname slut. no, i’m just a slut. oh, hell, i don’t know. i’m just the slp.

  2. I have lots of nicknames too my usual being Candy. Someone gave me a new one the other day though, “bitch”, I am not sure if I like it or not 😉

  3. Nicknames! Allison is a name everyone likes to change- Alie, Alicat, Ali-bobba, Ali-oop, Alice in Wonderland, you name it. My grandpa used to call me “fishbait”. I’m not sure why. Mom used to call me “sweetpea” or “punkin”. Or “sissy”. Generic girl nick-names, those were. When I was a counselor at Aviation Challenge, I had a call-sign, (which is a nickname for a pilot)- “Lipton”. That referred to an old story that deserves it’s own post. Aww…that was a nice post.

  4. Yep, Hubbles is pretty damn cute. But Hubba-lubba-ding-dong is great. Some day I’ll have to introduce you to my friend Sama-lama-ding-dong.

  5. I’ve always been curious why some families use nicknames ritually. My husband’s family is of Scottish descent and he doesn’t have a shirt-tail relative without a nickname that is used as if ‘it were the real thing’. The nicknames are so prevalent that when I hear a formal given name, it leaves me confused. Do you happen to be of Scottish descent? So is it descent or some kind of special personality traits that make nicknames so prevalent in some groups?

  6. Chevy: You are in the know. Your the first person i’d told that to. Now your all in the know. It was our conversation that promted me to write this entry.

    Jules: Would you be able to handle two ding-dongs hanging out together?

    Roberta: Yes, I am of Scottish decent and many in my family have this nickname. In my case it happens to be descent. But for most peole I know, nicknames come from a personality trait. Thats really interesting though.

  7. hubs / roberta

    I’m from scotland (glasgow to be precise) and there is a definite nickname thing going on here. for example, when I was at high school (some 9 years ago) there had previously been a kid at school nicknamed “cat” due to his athletic abilities (perhaps). His brother was around the same age as myself and when he reached high school he was immediately christened “kitten”. there are more examples of this in “toad” and the younger “tadpole” and also “ten-bob” and “five-bob”.

    A “bob” refers to an old term (before decimalisation) of a shilling (equivalent to 5 pence). Therefore a “ten-bob” is a fifty pence coin, which as you may or may not know has an odd shape. Anyway, apparently this kid had a head shaped like a “ten-bob” coin!



  8. hey i’ve had a few nicknames but i think its time for a new one now..i cant thing of anything becuz ppl usually have nicknames relating to their names but i cant think of anything besides the usual Dea (thats wat everyone calls me cuz they dun wanna call me diana by accident lol) neway cans um1 email me nd give me a nick name or sumthin? thanks!!!! lol
    email my grandma nd i’ll get it
    [email protected]

  9. my sister abby has about 300+ nick names… abisaurus omnivorus, abidactilya, (spelling) flabbisaurus, 8minuteabs, etc. lol.

  10. i have alot of nicknames…one is babygurl…2 bootybear 3. binaca- cuz my name is bianca… 4. beyonce–cuz my friend got my name wrong so she just started calling me that. bug eye–how mean..huh? cuz my eyes are big LoL ..oh well…haha.. shygurl–cuz im shy, giggles –boys call me that cuz everytime a boy stares at me ..i start laughin’ alot.. and i have more …but oh well

  11. i need a new nick name ppl at school call me K. Plac which is short for my first and last name…i am a sweet gurl and very athelletic.. i am a cheerleader..and i can be very bitchy sometimes

  12. hey i have a name dat peoples call meh dat all duh time but i hated it…welps all the peoples call meh julie but i hate that name….i just want i different nickname……….

  13. i got it when i was making mad luv to my boyfriend and he saw my horribly diffigured toes. Then he decided to lick them and he said it tasted like a donkeys butt soo from themn on he just called me donkey toes..awwwwww good times

  14. well…. i used to only date men 4 there money then leavce them… and welll… this one guy he was like 89 and me and him were well.. getting buck wild….. and i guess he over dosed on viagra and died on top of me so ever since them my friends cxalled me that!!

  15. ok so me and my huband were resting after “all that hard work” and he was smoking and then his ashes went sumwere they really didnt belong and my croch cought on fire!! i like got burned and everything!!

  16. ok so me and my huband were resting after “all that hard work” and he was smoking and then his ashes went sumwere they really didnt belong and my croch cought on fire!! i like got burned and everything!!

  17. My girlfriend and i were making out and all of a sudden my ear just started hurting. So we looked at it more closely and we discovered a large bug made a nest in my ear. She playfull bit the bug out of my ear and ai began to bleed. Thats how i got the name and it has stuck ever since!

  18. Please give me some cute nickname… but I only have akinom.. but I want something different names..
    Even dont u have any ideas about my boyfriend s name s Ricky? What should I call him something new nickname?
    Please help me!

  19. ok ive been tryin to think of a good nickname or a sweet pet name for my boyfriend but ihavent had any luck on pickin sumthin he likes! he wants his pet name to be sumthin unique n i cant think of ne thing. so if yall have ne suggestions pls tell me i need all the help i can get
    thankz bunches 🙂
    email me at [email protected]

  20. OK so my friends always give me really mean nicknames like shorty,fatty (im not fat), ditz and things liek that… I need a new nick name!!! i want somethign kool!!! someobne plz help me!!! i really need it!!! email anything to [email protected]

    thank you soooo much!!!

  21. OMG i really need a nick name coz al i have is plain and boring nicole and it is soooooooo gay but i really hate nikky so make it out goin yeah thanx

  22. i hav a few nicknames… my family calls me priya in short
    they also call me Tinni but i dunno wat tht means but its cute
    my friends call me Pinku(lol)thts cute too..

  23. Can you help me give a nickname to my crush? His name is Magdiel, but does not want to be called Maggy. People already call him Max, but I want something special for me to call him…

  24. Hey pplz i need a name to go on the back of a basketball/softball shirt. I liked that Nilla Gorilla name cause i have this mad infatuation with Nilla Wafers, but i dont think anyone will get it. help me out please!! ty bunchez

  25. heyy, my name is alyssa && i have a nickname but my friends and i are all getting nick names…and no one knows a reallyyyyy cute one for lauren…all we no is lori…and she dont really like that, so PLEASE if you know a nick name for Lauren then e-mail me!! [email protected] please!! and thankzz.

  26. hey can u make me a nickname cuz i really need onee!!!! kthanksbye hey can u make me a nickname cuz i really need onee!!!! kthanksbye

  27. i need a nic name for my friend samantha shes an awsome person blonde hair blue eyes very pretty. and very hypper plz help us give her a nicname thax

  28. My name is Lauren I have no cool nicknames exept for ren and i hate it and ALLmy friends have one so I want one to so PLEASE give a nickname.

  29. as a child….i never had nicknames…but now that i have grown to be a BIG man(6’5″) people nickname me *smally* for the reason that i am so large

    thank you for letting me tell you my nickname

    also shorty
    i am 500lbs

  30. okkkkk i need a nick name for my boy friend!HIS NAME IS ALLI ok sooo if u have anay sugustins leave me an email ! :p > 🙂

  31. Hubs, I had no idea you get this many hits for this entry. It was originally hubsville, right?

    Don’t people normally have their friends or family nickname them instead of choosing one? The ones that stick just sort of happen naturally based on your personality. Right?

    Anyway. It’s late and I’m babbling as I normally do.

  32. Yeah, Shmeder, it was originally hubsville. And this is by far the most popular entry on my blog, which is kinda sad I think.

    Most people come here looking for nicknames to give to their boyfriend/girlfriend but many of the people who comment are looking for a name for themselves. It seems to me the ones that stick are the ones you want least. Funny how that works.

  33. I have a few nicknames…..1. Skelephant- Me and my friend Tim were telling jokes and one of them had an answer about a ‘skinny elephant’ which is where we got this one from.He’s called me that ever since. 2. Hercedes- I was writing my name down once and my ‘M’ looked like a ‘H’ so my boyfriend has called me that since then. 3. Yade- My little brother and sister could never say ‘Mercedes’ so they called me ‘Meryades’ its just been shortened to ‘Yade’ and ive been called that by my them and my mum and dad for as long as i can remember. 4. Merphin- My best friend calls me this cos my favourite animal is a dolphin.She has called me that since we were 6 and now we are 15. There are a couple more that i have but if i list them all i’ll be here all day xxxx

  34. People just call me Mich..sounding like Mish lol.. But i need something..
    And i was wondering if i could get one for the name Kristen also..thanks
    Just e-mail

  35. Michelle,

    Any girl who has a name starting with M… I have the perfect nickname……

    Moo-mer … it’s really cute, no idea what it means, but it’s funny and and fun to say.

  36. hey, my boyfriend came up with the cutest nickname for me. he calls me bubbles. but now he wants me to think of one, and i dont know what to do. if anyone has good ideas e-mail me at [email protected] thanks

  37. hey, my boyfriend came up with the cutest nickname for me. he calls me bubbles. now he wants me to think of one, and i dont know what to do. if anyone has an idea please e-mail me at [email protected] thanks

  38. My nickname we created one day during gym when we were walking around the track and it kinda just stuck. It’s CheyChey, but most call me Chey. I hate it at first, but now I sorta like it.

  39. hay my name is amber im a cheerleader i am very popular and im very nice .im athltic im the flyer in cheerleading and i need a new namemy boyfriendcalles my cheerbabe and know i just need a nickname for all my friends …………………so can u please help me asap

    ……………peace amber………..


  40. name is nickname is katie..i rarely get called Kate. but i have other strange of them is Spinelli-my friend dan calls me this every second of the has to do with my last name..which i wont say. Another one is Twig or Twiggy-all my friends say im super thin(im not super thin) so they call me that..and also the model named friends say i should be a model..another name is Cake-my friend and i have this thing..her name is i call her Ritz(like Riss) and she calls me Cake(like kate)..and another one is Special K- i have my dumb moments so my friend joee says i am “special” and of course my Special K..and i have like much more but i would be writing this for dayssss…so yeah

  41. i think that nicknames should be created by your own knowledge of your boyfriend/girlfriend. like my name for my boyfriend is my lil sweetheart. and he calls me sugar baby. it just depends on who it is that you are trying to call on for a name. but just stick with your insinct and go with your heart. he or she will apreciate the thought and creativity.

  42. my name is Ella and my friends call me bubbles but i want a new nickname any comments
    oh ya i am also athleatic and a blond and i play very competetive volleyball

  43. Hey, i’m tired of people callin me Emi, Emzii, Emz, Em and stuff. i need a really cute but cool nickname. But, i want it to have some attachment to my real name. thnxX xoxo ♥

  44. I have a kool nickname for Kassadi. KADILLA! that is my nickname and I love it! My sister gave it to me. Just a tip.

  45. i got this name because we had a substitue teacher and a class of about 12 kids..
    so my real name is cayce and when i found out we were going to have a substitute that day i told everyone in class to try and remember to call me shela ..the whole they did..and when the teacher was going through attendance she called cayce and i got everyone to tell the teacher she moved away..and she believed it..then she asked if she missed anyone..and i said she missed me..and then she asked my name and i said it was shela..and shes like i dont have a shela on my list..and i was like ya i just moved here 2 days ago..
    and since everyone had to call me shela ..the name just stuck.

  46. Hey my name is Molly. I need a new nickname most ppl call me Moll or they just go by my ral name. me and my friends were thinking and thinking of a awsome nickname for me, but we couldnt tihnk of one. i was thinking of Momo, but idk itt sounds too not me. you can have it. Moo-mer is one nickname i like, but im still not sure. WILL YOU PLEASE HALP ME find a cool nick name for my name MOLLY!!

  47. I have been thinkin & thinkin of a awoms e nickname but i CANT think of one!! can u help me. my name is molly. i want an awsome nickname for my name i mean i like my name is just that i love nicknames!! =]]]] THNAKS

  48. Hey,my names ally,I have a best friend,whitney,and we want nicknames..not just any plain old nickname..we want cute nicknames.her new nick name is nilly.but i dunno what my nickname should be…like nilly sorta sounds like whitney..but what is a cute nickname for me???any ideas?

  49. holy shit people
    how many people are gonna ask for nicknames…are you not getting it?
    nobody wants to give people they don’t know nicknames.
    also if you’re asking for a nickname for your boyfriend
    a) include his name if you want any chance whatsoever
    and b) don’t you think you know him a little better than we do?
    come on ppl…be creative, make up your own nickname.
    and if you’re that stuck,
    google cute nicknames or something there’s a huuuuuge list.
    also nobody thinks its cute when
    u gurlzies tawk liek this lol lol
    it lame. you look like such fucking idiot and no one wants to give an idiot a nickname.

  50. i have a boyfriend and have no cute names for him and i don’t want anything lame like honey or sweety i want a rare name but not a stupid name he looks like a surfer but he isn’t and he has pretty blue eyes and beach blond hair and a cute smile and i don’t want a name like surfer dude his name is austin and i don’t want austy poo please! HELP!

  51. Ok, my bf’s name is Cole. N like he calls me n baby n stuff like that. but like I dont have nething to call him. I tried n baby but it just felt weird. then i called him coley woley poley bear n he liked it, but we both agreed it was too long to be used all the time, so i just use it when we’re messin around. So if anyone has an idea, besides from honey, sxcy, or any original name can you email it to me?
    [email protected]
    thanks! :]

  52. My dance coach calls me amanda split cuz it sounds like banana split and she says i have a split personality and my gpa calls me amanda banana.

    other ppl have a lot of fun with my name. they call me Manderella, Mandalina, Mandisa, Mandy poo, and fanny(i have a big butt)

    also, my parents have always called me p-pooh which i guess is a censored version of the original “pissy pooh” cuz i was always a grumpy baby. lol

    oh and one last thing. My bf calls me Manda Bear cuz it rhymes with panda bear and its so cute and i love it so i want a name for him too but i cant figre anything out thats good for Kevin. i really dont like kev kev and kevypoo. no thanks. so if anyone has a good idea please let me know.
    Much appreciated,

  53. my friends call me soo much stuff itz unreal like:
    and stuff like that
    i wanna new nick name oriongal
    please help me

  54. I call my honey baby: Juicey Cutie Lovin Bunny… lol. Nothing beats that… totally original and she loves it. Makes her smile everytime.

  55. Heey to all you CHELSEAS out there.
    this name is really hard to get nick names for..but turns out..i have tons. i hate alot of them..but..those are my nicknames so i gotta keep em i guess.
    cheche..[like key..but che ]
    lol not sure. i have too many. i cant really remember them all. i hope these are some help to you??

    and i have a friend LAUREN..and we call her LARN..haha probably not the best nickname but i think it sounds cute.

  56. heey ummmm… my name is breanna and i cant think of any names besides bree…….. soo could u email me if u get any…

    ppl at ,y skewl call me twigyso maybe thats one

  57. My mum used to call me “chicken” when i was little and now ive grown up calling everyone else it now. My boyfriend calls me
    “cutie head”
    “bumble bee”
    “glamour girl”
    “cutie pie”

  58. Hmmm #60 and I have a lot in common lol
    My name is Brianna and my boyfriend’s name is Andrew.
    I can’t think of any cute nicknames for us!
    Help if you can!
    Thank you =]

  59. ok lets get this straight my boyfriends name is joel and mine is chelsey. ok ok i need help finding a cute but guyish nickname….any ideas please and thank you!!!

  60. hehe. my names jenni, and ive had the nickname kris since kinder. and its getting pretty old. so i need a new nickname i can keep until collage!

  61. i need a nick name 4 mi boyfriend. his name iz kevin thrower, & i dont kno hiz midle name yet, but ill find out if it can help

  62. pleaze help!!!!!!!!!! i rrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy like this guy, ive had my first real kiss with him, and we’ve been through a lot together. pleazzzz!!!!

  63. Im Kaitlin and I get called Kaity (luv it, my own spelling!) and Kait. My friend Justin calls me Lin, coz I call him Tin lol. I luv creating nicknames 4 ppl

  64. mayne all yall niggas are gay yall aint bout shit my niggaz itz all about those names from what u rep or wher u live or where yo ass comez from yall feel me……hit me up aight

  65. ok u guys have very lucky nicknames (well some of them)
    my mom calls me pooky yes pooky its so embarrassing because when i get out of the car to go to school shes like ..
    Oh you forgot your kiss pooky!

  66. heyyy.. my name is Abby… ppl. shorten my name to Abbs once and a while. but i would like a better nickname!! do yur stuff pleaseee

  67. my nickname is cool kat cause venssa hudgens is my bigest fan in high school
    musical ……and then there team is called cool kat and every body calls me cool kat and i hate that nickname

  68. I need a nickname.
    My names Brooke.
    im crazy.
    and i want one of those names that sounds awsome.
    and will be like BAMMM in y0 faceeee

  69. Nick names! God, do I have to many of those! Okay so when I was seven (and a little, tiny kid) my car-pool called me Mouse, I was the smallest kid ( I have KD and used to get sick all the damn time so I weight, like 40 pounds forever ( until I was in the 3rd grade), In the fourth grade people started calling me Kase-a-deda and Cup-Kase (I’ve always been a heath food freak so the joke was that I would never eat a cupcake), Now everybody calls me Kase ( instead of Kaselyn) because I travel all the time so my friends say that my suitcase is always packed. I like Kase, my BF calls me Sap ( It stands for Super Awesome Person, referring to an email that he sent me when we where 13… I think it’s really sweet).

  70. when you been with sumone so long and you never gave them a nick name and you reallly wanted too. then you call them whatever you want tis not aout the nick name its about how much you love eachotherrr.

  71. ok well i need a good nickname for this kid austin smith his nickname is tino but that is also this other boy’s nickname so i need a good nickname for him his name is austin.thanx if u can help ummmm u can e-mail me at : [email protected]  thanx much. 🙂

  72. Can you help me come up with a nickname? My name is Alyssa and alot of poeple call me Ally but it’s so normal. I want a new nickname. Do you think you could help me out?

  73. my grandma really really hates it when her grandchildren have nicknames! she said that nicknames will stick with u until u are old. because those happen a lot in her neighborhood n in our not so close relatives..

    but i really want a nickname though.. can someone give me?? i’m just fed up with ppl calling me steph, fanny, or fannie… u can e-mail me at: [email protected]..
    thanx ^^

  74. My husband was a “stud muffin” from the first time i say him. After being married 14 years he became my “tud muffin”. He was at the age when his chest dropped just a little bit, but was still the love of my life. I told him when he hits 50, he would just be my “ud muffin” and the kids would kid him about someday when he was old he would just be “da muffin”. He loved it. He will always be my stud muffin in my heart. He passed away 5 years ago at age 41. So ladies make that pet name a good one that will last, even in memories. *hugs* everyone.

    My contrabution to pet names, in memory of the best man that ever lived. (my opinion)

  75. Here’s a question for everyone looking for a nickname. Do you want the nickname to reflect original name (i.e. Patricia, Pat, Patty, Tricia) or you want a nickname to reflect personality, unique body characters, special character traits? Give it some thought and get back to me. You can email me privately at [email protected].

  76. I have a few nicknames,but I beileve it’s time for a new one.My name is Lauren and middle name is Kristine.Please get in touch with me if you have a good one.

  77. wow. you people are really not that smart… how many people posted the SAME thing that I’m about to write?

    A) nicknames are extremely personal. you should give them to people that you KNOW and receive them from people that know YOU.
    B) typing lYkE tHaS is absolutely ridiculous and you don’t look cute.
    C) a girl somewhere up there said she needed a nickname for when she went to “collage”… I seriously hope she isn’t going to get into COLLEGE, if she can’t even spell it.

    now. to go along with the topic. 🙂 I was sitting at the kitchen table with my boyfriend (at the time), my sorority big sis, and another sorority sister of mine. it was a few months after I had been initiated and I didn’t have a nickname yet. I said something that didn’t really make sense and the boyfriend said “wow. you arel like the Skipper of the Short Ship!” playing off of how people say that someone “rides the short bus”… but our sorority is associated with the nautical theme… so he incorporated that. it stuck… and I’m still called “Skipper”. 🙂

  78. chelsea nicknames:

    lol there are more but I don’t know… I just kindof think of them on the spot

  79. My name is amanda and i need a cool nick name. All my friends call me manerd, i like it but its startin to get old. my mom and dad call me mandy and moo and bubba but they are old so plz help!!! email me if you have an answer plz!!!! [email protected] thx

  80. my girlfriend laura calls me hadey bear and all i call her is baby or babe and other stuff like that but its kinda getting old. i was hoping that someone here mite be able to help me out. her name is laura. if u can help thanks a ton.

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