No Bumps & Brunch

On Friday I went up to Brekenridge.

My brother introduced me to a group of friends who were “displaced” by hurricane Katrina last summer. Suddenly, finding themselves homeless, a group of them decided to move out to Colorado, rent a house in Breckenridge, find some jobs in town, and become ski bums for the winter season. Brilliant! This weekend was the last weekend they were living in town (some are moving down to Denver, another is going back to NOLA). This was my last weekend to take advantage of the fact they lived so close to the mountains. Because it snowed another two inches, on what I was expecting to be a spring day, I decided to opt out of the skiing. I did not fail to take advantage of the hot tub though (and the partying going on around it). This also probably contributes to my not going skiing. As always though, a fun time was had by all.

Easter brunch was spent at my Fathers. All the traditional stuff plus figs. I had three deviled eggs, which has become my deviled egg norm. Afterward, my brother, Pandy, and I went to visit my Grandma. It just so happened that her old neighbors who helped her out so much when she was in the springs were there too. It was nice to see Grandma was getting other visitors and gave us plenty to talk about. Grandma seemed much happier than normal. That makes for a wonderful Easter. Dinner was over at G’s aunt’s house.

That’s a whole lot of ham for one day.

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  1. My family is in Los Angeles and we always had ham growing up…and over the last couple of years, the wonder that is Honey Baked Ham has graced their table every Easter. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

    I’ll have to see if Denver has HBH stores.

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