Photographing Vertigo

Life On The Edge is a series of vertigo inducing photographs by Detroit based photographer Dennis Maitland. They are beautiful but they also kind of make you want to puke.

David Whitney Edge Dangle

Full Moon Rising

D.W. Dangle

Boblo: Toothpicks or 2x4's

Packard Dangle: Its Begun
All images by Dennis Maitland

Dennis say of the photo above:

This was probably the happiest day in my life. This building was amazing. I knew I was on a time limit so I made a bee line for the roof…of course. I didn’t know what to expect but I was really happy with what this roof had to offer.This is officially the highest “dangle” as of now. Definitely higher then 18 floors, not sure how much though. All I know I I had to climb 3-4 ladders past 18.

All of these photos were taken by hand and locations were accessed without climbing equipment.

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