Pretty Funny In Addition To Being Pretty Stupid

It was a relatively uneventful weekend. On Friday after work I went over to my brothers and because Soph was in town. We ordered chinese food and watched the debates. We all got into a pretty good argument about racism again. Afterward I went over to G’s were we sat around and bullshitted till all of her friends left then danced around her living room till 3 in the morning.

Saturday I headed down to the outlet stores in Castle Rock and purchased the most wonderfully ugly pair of shoes in all of Cole Haahn. We also stopped by the animal shelter and got a consultation to introduce Henry to another cat. Does anyone have any experience introducing a new cat to a cat that lives with you? Was it successful? That night I sat around and watched Wet Hot American Summer which was pretty funny in addition to being pretty stupid.

On Sunday I slept in and ran errands most of the day, nothing exciting at all. I fixed a great Moroccan ground lamb dinner and then watched Mean Girls which also was pretty funny in addition to being pretty stupid.

13 thoughts to “Pretty Funny In Addition To Being Pretty Stupid”

  1. not that we did this when introducing my cat to sam’s, but you’re supposed to keep the new cat in one room while the existing cat stays in another room and get to sniff each other for a while. then slowly get them used to spending time around each other.

  2. wet hot american summer is a great movie. keep watching it because, the more you do, the more you’ll pick up.

    christopher meloni is amazing in that movie. so, i’ll leave you with this parting thought…

    if you wanna smear mud on your ass, smear mud on your ass, just be honest about it. look gene, i’ve never told anyone this before, but i can suck my own dick, and i do it a lot.

  3. sorry a bit behind….do you like using netflix? would you recommend it? i have been debating about it…..

    don’t have any cat introducing experience…sorry…..

  4. dahl/shmeder – what were afraid of is if they don’t get along. what is the point of having two cats which can hang together. henry is also a tom so he is super affedtionate torward humans but used to fighting other cats. i think another cat is out of the picture for right now.

    marcello – i want you inside me.

    chevy – it’s G’s cat. my place doesn’t allow cats. we went and got it on labor day.

    blossom – yes, very expensive and very ungly. i love them. coach doesn’t have a good mens selection.

    miss macy – netflix is great if you watch a fair amount of movies.

  5. crap.

    see, i had this whole big comment about how christopher meloni’s best work by far was teenaged mutant ninja turtles as casey jones.

    that’s not to say that he wasn’t good in look who’s talking too, it’s just that his character jones had so much more depth (with that whole chlosteraphobia thing).

    then i actually looked it up, only to find that the guy who played casey jones is elias koteas, whose imdb profile doesn’t even show so much as a “the more you know commercial.”

    what a waste of time.

    but i swear i’ve seen casey jones on law and order. his imdb profile denies it; can anyone back me up on that?

  6. i dont even know where to begin… firstly im so offended that you would confuse the object of my affections, the hottest cop in the world ( second only to Mariska Hartigay…god to be the meat in that sandwich…) with that slack brother from look who’s talking 2.

    The slack brother was also in contact and that traffic tv show. but i dont know about law and order….

    PS: he was on an episode of the sopranos a long time ago.

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