Rainy Day Weekends

Lot’s of good sleep, good times, and an hour mysteriously taken away at midnight on Saturday seemed to make the weekend fly by.

I headed over to my brothers on Saturday where I found out that our kickball game this Friday was canceled due to rain. I wasn’t that bummed, I just hope there is a make up game. In lieu of sports, my brother and me decided to go out and drink beer and play pool. We had a good time messing with the freaks at the Streets of London and ended up closing down the bar despite our inability to win a single game of pool the entire night.

I woke up on Saturday and cleaned up the apartment a bit. Afterwards I went and met the boys out at Wynkoop for some more pool. All my guy friends are married and their wives were attending a baby shower. So naturally they called me to join them in their afternoon out. When the baby shower ended all of their cell phones started ringing at the same time and it was time to go. I walked home afterwards cause I live close by.

I grabbed a burger on my way home and settled down to watch Dancer In The Dark. It was surprisingly good. I was already a fan of Bjork’s music (I don’t own any of her music but I like it) but was surprised by her acting ability. I’m usually not a fan of musicals but this one gets my recommendation. Not spectacular, but enjoyable.

On Sunday I unintentionally slept in not realizing it was daylight savings day. I spent the morning watching trashy MTV shows, doing laundry, and finishing my book. Later in the afternoon my brother came over to jump my car because I had inadvertently left the lights on the day before. After that I drove around the neighborhood for a while trying to recharge the battery and looking for houses for sale. Afterwards I met some friends a newly visited restaurant for dinner.

11 thoughts to “Rainy Day Weekends”

  1. dancer in the dark is one of my favorite movies. how sad is it? OMG it is devastating. Anyway, Bjork lives in my neighborhood now with her super hot artist boyfriend Matthew Barney. It is fun, I see her in Williamsburg at the diner and at the local bars sometimes. She really is so cute.

  2. teahouse – i don’t think she’s creepy at all. i’m with jocelyn, i think she’s cute. i once saw an hour long documentory about her stalker, so at least i’m not the only one (who thinks she’s cute) watch the movie, i think you’d enjoy it.

    elizabeth – the dvd had no opening credits. the movie opens with 3 to 4 minutes of orchestrated music put to a series of abstract colors and designs that fade in and out of each other.

    satan – good one. bjoing!

    jocelyn – it was sad but i didn’t get too emotionally involved in it. maybe cause it was a musical.

  3. the rain sucks. it’s one of the reasons i moved away from the east coast. the forecast predicts rain all week but i hope this isn’t so. my sister is coming to visit me for her first trip to colorado and it’d be nice to show her how amazing the weather can be out here.

  4. elizabeth – it is kinda dreamy, i can see how it wouldhave that effect.

    kilgore – i like their IPA too. nothing can ruin your pool game like a few games on that-right angle table. it’s good for a laugh but terrible for your game.

    hot abercrombie – yeah it was good. give the whole thing a go.

    md – hate to “rain on your parade” but i heard snow on friday. hopefully your sis doesn’t get here till the weekend. good move though cause we do have some of the best weather in the lower 48!

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