Regale You

To remain consistent, I have decided once again to regale bore you with the trivialities of my social and personal life.

Saturday I played in a golf tournament at Wellshire with a bunch of buddies. Our foursome lost. The parliaments won. And so did the bud king cans. I was completely wiped out by the end of the day and spent the remainder of it on the couch watching reruns of “little people big world” which I feel a little bit sorry about.

A couple of weeks back my and G did some camping near Tennyson Canyon. Gorgeous as per typical of Colorado. There are lots of panoramas after the jump.

I have been having very little interest in sharing my opinions lately.

Sunset and pines in our camping spot :: Tennison Canyon, Colorado

Looking west from the top of Cottonwood Pass

Looking westward from Cottonwood Pass, Colorado

Clicky pictures for large versions (and secret verticle panorama)

4 thoughts to “Regale You”

  1. I’ve been reading a lot fo burn out on blog stories recently. Maybe the ‘trend’ has hit its peak. Perhaps we should start a “Take A Break From Blogging Week”. Needless to say, that is a beautiful picture.

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