Roughing It

Refreshing the feet, Cataract Lake, Eagles Nest Wilderness

I went up camping for the first time in a couple of years over this past weekend. Granted, I’ve been up in the mountains hiking around and skiing uncountable times. I just haven’t spent the night. So I loaded up the car with my brother, Pandy, and a bunch of her friends from school. We headed up to the Gore Range.

Elliot Creek Campground, Green Mountain Reservoir

We all had a little trouble finding a camping spot that we liked but we finally settled on a campground near Green Mountain Reservoir. It was a decent site with a few trees for shade, plenty of room for all of our tents, a fire ring, and wasn’t crowded.

Masturbate & Tackle, Green Mountain Reservoir

Bro Fishing, Cataract Lake, Eagles Nest Wilderness

Grilled Cheese & Franks Dinner, Elliot Creek Campground

When camp was a set up we headed up the road to get some worms and do some fishing. After a very unsuccessful evening of fishing, we gathered up some wood (most of wich was purchased at the bait shop back in town) and started the fire. The reminder of the night we proceeded to drink beer, eat way too many fire hot franks and spin plenty o’ yarn bullshit. Late in the night we did a little more fishing of the full moon type, again unsuccessfully.

Nightscape, Elliot Creek Campground

Cataract Lake, Eagles Nest Wilderness, Colorado

The next morning, after breaking up camp and packing everything back up, we headed back to cataract lake and took in the views. Of course, the views were taken in between long naps and pages of my current book but I really couldn’t think of a more relaxing atmosphere (except for maybe on the moon [with a space suit]).

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