Serious Fun

Give me more fun stuff. I want more fun stuff to take up my time. I don’t want all my time spent working. Watching American Idle, sleeping, polishing my shoes, mopping, and cooking frozen pizzas. I want fun. I’m having fun. But I want more of it. I want so much fun I can’t get my work done. I have no idea what all these American Idle entries that everyone’s posting are all about.1 I’m constantly tired. Scuffed shoes, sticky floors and hungry.

I have a few things I want to do. It’s often just so hard to get started. And if they’re not fun, then they’re really hard to get started. Shit. Prioritizing is for sucks. Seriously. Prioritizing is for sucks and multi-tasking is for girls.2

But that’s OK.3 Whatev.

And mostly I wish I could think of something both cool and fun. And something that nobody has ever done before. And it would be really cool if nobody has even thought of doing it. I wonder if there is something, that I could do, that no person in the history of all time has ever thought of doing. Wait. Don’t tell me. That would ruin it. Doing that would make me cool. And it would be Fun. Capital ‘F’ fun. Fucking fun kind of fun.

That’s what I want.4

1But really I could care less about the American Idol. Yes, Idle was on purpose. Could you imagine being called America’s Idol. We Idolize you. Cause you sing good.

2To demonstrate the point four women and four men were given a list of jobs to complete in four minutes. They had to make tea, answer the phone, pick up messages, receive a package, type a letter, photocopy papers and microwave some food. So how will the two sexes cope?
From the start the difference is obvious. Sheila leaves the copier working while she answers the phone; whereas Mohammed doesn’t. Similarly, Maria leaves the copier going as she answers the door whereas Alex stops what he’s doing. On average men only achieved four of the eight tasks whereas all of the women managed all of the tasks.

3I have nothing against sucks or girls.


8 thoughts to “Serious Fun”

  1. deb – yeah, i can also iron my own shirts and make lasagna.

    lux – that was fucking great lux! perfect! you were all over that one. seriously awesome (with no irony)!

    hot aber girl – not fun enough

    satan – you call that fun?

    jocelyn – i usually go to blackhawk or central city at least once a year. we go up there, get a hotel and gamble all night long. i’ve never came back a winner. 🙁

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